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K7 Computing gives no cost cybersecurity to protect Indian cyberspace

Situation around the globe is very critical, and any help, from anywhere, in any form would make a lot of difference. At this time, as a helping hand, cybersecurity firm K7 Computing has quickly responded by committing to protect the public by giving its cybersecurity products for use at free of cost.

Many cyber criminals are misusing the situation leading to many opportunities for them to cause more damage, exploiting employees’ situation of working from home, and the vulnerabilities in the security protections. This condition has lead the current situation more exposed to vulnerability, and many such cybercrimes are being reported. These security products are for laptops, desktops and Android mobiles, and endpoint protection in the organizations.

According to Kesavardhanan J, the founder of K7 Computing, the company has been aiming to contribute to the cyber safety of all consumers and SME’s during this critical time of coronavirus pandemic. He said, “The products they are designing will keep the users protected in the current omnipresent digital world.”

Businesses and employees have been forced to work from home during the lockdown, which makes them rely on the security of their internet connections to keep businesses and services secured and running, which make them more vulnerable to cyberattacks. According to reports, there is a 30% increase in cyberattacks with 1,756 blocked malicious instances, specifically using the COVID-19 theme.




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