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Linodeunveils a new data center in India

Linode has just unveiled its latest data center in Mumbai, India’s financial capital and one of its largest cities. This is the company’s tenth data center in the world and as it aims to target the country’s growing cloud computing market. Linode is known for providing an affordable alternative for local and regional developers and startups to scale their operations. The decision to build a data center in India’s commercial hub was arrived at in an effort to tap into the vast upcoming market that India has to offer, especially in light of the country’s gargantuan population of over 1.3 billion people.

The country has seen numerous internet-based service providers spring up, offering a wide range of services like doorstep delivery of groceries, ride-sharing, scooters, bicycles on rent, and so on. Linode aims to provide a cheaper way for developers to develop their offerings and move into the market. India and China together are Asia largest markets for any type of services, but since China is mostly a protectionist market; corporations across numerous sectors from around the world have India firmly in their sights. The country’s cloud services market is currently pegged at almost $2 billion, and it is set to double in the next couple of years.

Linode’s data center is built using its Next Generation Network and would go a long way in democratizing cloud computing in the developing nation.   




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