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Huawei and Infosys to develop Solutions for Businesses

Huawei Cloud, Huawei’s business unit and Infosys will work together to develop solutions for business organizations, Economic Times reported on Tuesday. The cloud computing services of the business organizations will be boosted by the new solution.

Both the companies signed a MoU as a part of the deal. People familiar to the matter said the MoU is based on the strategic cooperation in order to assist enterprise customers adopting the digital cloud quickly.

Entities are assisted by the cloud system in many ways such as data storage, software usage, and various other IT-based works without investing in a software or hardware that may require for computing usage.

Both the companies will co-develop the solution by leveraging Huawei Cloud and Infosys products and services. It will assist customers to adopt cloud-based systems in a secured manner to carry out enterprise workloads.

Huawei is looking to expand the HCPN partner ecosystem by recognizing and creating partners such as Infosys with the help of deep consulting expertise, said people familiar with the matter.

Aset of technologies hosted on Huawei Cloud will be provided by Infosys; the technologies include workload migration solutions including enterprise workloads and SAP.

The total count for HCPN partners were 6000 at the end of 2018 and Huawei Cloud has chipped in 2,800 applications by co-operating with the partners across 23 geographical regions including South Africa, China, Russia, and Asia-Pacific.

The new deal will boost the business organizations to rip the benefits of the digital cloud.




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