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India-based startup creates technology to kill coronavirus in closed spaces

Inventors and scientists are the world are working their minds out to fight corona and save much lives as possible, leaving no stone unturned, JClean Weather Technologies, an incubatee company in Pune’s Scitech Park has successfully developed a new technology to disinfect closed spaces and rooms. This amazing technology, named Scitech Airon, was developed under the Nidhi Prayas program initiated by the Department of Science and Technology (DST). It reduces the viral level of a closed space by 99.7 per cent within an hour, taking room size into consideration.

This amazing machine can be used to disinfect spaces which have been occupied by coronavirus patients ensuring that the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers in quarantine facilities do not catch the virus. Not only this machine can disinfect, but can also increase the body’s resistance to external factors for 20-30 days.

This machine has been Tested OK by several international labs in closed spaces like houses, hospitals, schools, farms, industries etc. It is capable of killing a range of viruses, bacteria and fungal infections and can disinfect a room from several allergens. It also decomposes pollutants like Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and volatile gaseous organic compounds.

This project has received Rs 1 crore from DST for manufacturing and scaling up the product. 1,000 units will be ready for installation in several hospitals across Maharashtra soon.




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