What is 100Krafts?

100Krafts is not only an interior design firm; but also an “interior solution platform,” where the founders brought together a team of skilled designers, seasoned advisors, and meticulous implementers.

Each of their interior solution programs begins with a thorough assessment of their customers’ actual and hidden demands, followed by a presentation of their customized solutions, which are then implemented end-to-end. Rather than using a typical modular design style, they prefer to adopt a thematic design format.

Their unique working style

Request from a customer

The client briefing process assists them in determining which of their services clients are interested in as well as their goals.

Consultation via the internet

They design a floor plan based on the customer’s style and preferences, as well as their budget, timeline, and other constraints.

Solutions based on a theme

To include their customers’ personalities into their places, they favor a theme-based solution over the typical modular procedure.

Creating a Project Management Group

Following the approval of the drawings and orders, a project management team is appointed to execute the project from start to finish using our project management platform.

The company uses a four-step method to interior design that has been shown to improve the beauty and usefulness of homes :

  • Their service straddles the line between price and usability.
  • They have a feedback system in place that makes it much easier for clients to communicate.
  • Their workers work closely with your interior designers to achieve the best outcomes possible.
  • They have their project management software that allows them to work more effectively and efficiently.

Their purpose

The purpose of interior design projects is to reflect the homeowner’s “personality.” Before beginning to sketch, a lot of thought, a lot of discussion with homeowners, and a lot of understanding of many criteria are required.

After all, the owners will be living there for a long time. With such a large disparity, a few tweaks can make all the difference. The key is to put money into personalization. The importance of a connection to design cannot be overstated, as it has an impact on one’s daily life. The people who live there need to feel alive and linked to their surroundings daily, and for years to come. Interior design is based on this principle. Every time they walk into the house, they should feel a sense of awe, as well as the value and worth of their investment.

At the same time, design is both an art and a science. To achieve the most advantage and the best results, designers must combine their art and creativity into a scientific technique.

100Krafts have designers, furniture and lifestyle consultants, kitchen professionals, and paint and coating specialists on staff.

Ravi Roshan, CEO and Founder

Mr. Ravi Roshan, the CEO, and Founder of 100Krafts has worked in IT sales businesses such as IBM, Reliance, and others. In 2012, he founded 100Krafts to change the internal landscape. Since then, the company has provided a variety of services in two major Indian cities: Bengaluru and Pune, as well as completing more than 30 projects in these cities.

Industry Architecture & Planning
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Type Partnership
Founded 2013
Story by Swiftnlift Business Magazine Company
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