1K Kirana Bazaar

6. Anilesh Yadav Co Founder 1K Kirana Bazaar 10 Best Innovative Startups in India 2022

Connecting India’s offline market with online experience to revlutionize tier 2 cities

Creating India’s first technology-driven modern grocery chain for small towns. 1K Kirana Bazaar network stores will be powered by the right mix of technology and consumer data. Their franchise store is called “1K Grocery Bazaar” or “1K” for short. The founding team of 1K Grocery Bazaar has had a long-standing relationship since 2012. Sangeetesh and Abhishek were classmates at IIM Ahmedabad, while Sangeetesh and Sachin worked together at Blackbuck. Re-imagining offline commerce with an online experience for Tier 2+ cities in India.

They aim to revolutionize the grocery shopping experience for the non-urban population of India. They aim to create a seamless flow of goods from brands to consumers and bridge the gaps in the traditional distribution system with the help of their in-house technology-enabled platforms. They are driven by their values ​​which are the most important pillars of their foundation.

What They Offer

1K Kirana Bazaar organizes the non-urban retail ecosystem by aggregating groceries and helping them to meet consumer aspirations.

  • Attractive And Money-Saving: They aim to make grocery shopping an engaging and money-saving activity instead of a daily household chore.
  • Attractive Product Selection: They provide attractive product selection, attractive offers, and the convenience of getting groceries at home.
  • modern shopping experience: They bring the modern shopping experience to a non-urban consumer instead of taking the consumer to modern urban markets.

Their core values

  • Employee First: Their employees are the backbone of their company and therefore before taking any decision, they consider how this decision will enrich the lives of their employees.
  • The Customer Is Always Right: Customer satisfaction is their ultimate motto. Their policies are designed in such a way that every customer is pleased whenever they associate with 1K.
  • Trust Each Other: Not only employees but the entire 1K ecosystem i.e. customers, business partners, and employees have sprouted from the very beginning.
  • Listen First, Respond Later: At every level, they focus more on accepting ideas than on preaching. They listen to their customers, business partners, and employees before taking any action.
  • Honor Time: As they say, time is the most important resource that one has in this life. They do not intend to waste that resource for anyone belonging to the 1K ecosystem.


If you are a consumer then download their 1K Grocery App. Get exciting offers and find local products at the nearest grocery store. Get attractive product selection, attractive offers, and the convenience of getting groceries delivered at home.

Website- https://www.1knetworks.com/

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