2020: The Year Everyone became a Home Chef


It is nearly impossible for a normal human to survive without food and water. There are many around us who loves to eat a lot. In college days we use to taste street food and visit cafes in normal days.

Wherever we use to trip we always carry variety of food as everyone gets hungry while having fun with the loved ones. That fun and quality time has been on pause since March 2020 due to nationwide lockdown in accordance to stop the spread of Covid19 (Chinese virus).

All the restaurants, cafes, street food vendors shut their services as per the government guidelines. This went almost for six months in some states of India and 8 – 9 months in few states.

Even though we were locked in our home, craving for that delicious, mouthwatering food was irresistible. Women in house especially every mother was exhausted cooking for the family whole day. Everyone was craving for snacks and food as regular meal was not satisfying their soul.

This created a sudden rise in demand for home cooked food. I’ve witnessed many such street food vendors who were searching ways to sell and earn a bit of money to feed their family.

Then, they came up with the idea of taking orders through WhatsApp, or any other social media or directly through calls. But, as there was restriction to step out from home, deliveries in some areas were not possible.

Now, as a foodie person everyone started preparing snacks and meals for themselves by watching food vlogs and recipes on internet. From March 2020 – October 2020, after entertainment videos, food recipe videos were on the top watch list in every house. Even boys tried their hands in kitchen to fill their hungry stomach. I was in contact with many friends especially male friends who were experimenting in kitchen to avoid boredom at home. Some did well in kitchen while some are still good at just eating.

We got to know about many accidental chefs who started cooking in pandemic as an emergency service, but now that are taking shape of a micro or small home business.

Meat and fish were hard to get in those six months; it turned everyone’s heads towards vegetables and milk byproducts. Especially, paneer was one of the highly consumed food ingredient, as multiple paneer recipes were under experiments. I was one of those individuals who had experimented in paneer dishes.

I had conversation with many individuals who had tried their hands in kitchen for the first time and cooked some really delicious food items. The list is full of delicious food but the common in all was, ‘dalgona coffee, cakes and pastries, dosa, idli, uttappa, vada pav, pav-bhaji, paneer masala, chicken roll, khima samosa, paneer momos’ and the list goes on. There’s one more to be mentioned on this list which is ‘papad’. Friends and family members known to me had started preparing papad at home to add some more taste to their meals.

It was a tough time for everyone, and foodie people utilised this time to learn some skills worth for survival. This gave some individuals and families a support for earning and surviving in this critical situation when many of them were facing financial crunch.

Even though food vendors have restarted their stoves, still they are not operating at their full capacity. As the offices get their employees back and restarting education campus goes on, the food industry will bounce back at a much higher rate than we expect.

So, that was a small and delicious article from my side. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Have delicious week ahead!

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