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Aditya Krishna, Chairman & MD 360 Logica: Independent software vendors (ISVs) and SMEs can benefit from high-end software testing techniques and solutions.

Even though software testing may appear small and few of us consider it, it is particularly important for people who are new to software development. The testing phase is just as important as the development and planning phases. Many software development companies have learned that they need to set up a quality assurance (QA) management system sooner or later. While testing has typically been put to the conclusion of a project, Agile emphasises the significance of QA involvement throughout the lifecycle of a programme to ensure quality. QA testing saves time, money, and frustration by detecting errors early in the development cycle. Inconsistencies, mistakes, and redundancies in newly produced software are revealed through proper QA testing. This step is necessary to ensure that the designed product can withstand the actual world and last for many years.

360logica is a market leader in software testing and quality assurance services. The organisation strives to provide the finest available QA consultation and independent software testing services at the highest possible quality. Retail, BFSI, e-commerce, e-learning, gaming, healthcare, mobile, telecom, IT, social media, finance, Web 2.0, manufacturing, and engineering are among the verticals for which the organisation provides independent testing services. It also offers end-to-end online application testing services, such as component and unit testing, core testing, database, platform, functional, performance, localization, network security, SOA and web services, system testing, usability, and content testing.

360logica provides comprehensive testing services.

Quality Assurance Test Management and Strategy

360logica’s QA consulting and testing services include robust methodology and real-time test management centred on exact client needs. Beyond the typical role of test management, lab experts plan, measure, and monitor quality targets at every stage, taking into account the clients’ budget and application usage. Based on its experience, the organisation chooses the best tools and methodologies and develops a unique approach to provide methodical, dependable, and effective test management. Clients may rely on their methodical approach, effective test case management, ability to handle all types of test scenarios, world-class delivery module, and coordinated use of the newest technology for trustworthy and value-added software test management services.

360logica Testing Strategy

The company’s test strategy can validate complicated applications and meet ambitious development deadlines without sacrificing the quality of the end product. A well-planned strategy involves preparation, execution, and assessment to evaluate the client specifications, budget, market requirements, and newest technology developments, as shaped by a decade of expertise in QA consulting and testing services. The 360logica testing strategy includes the entire process, from the generation of test cases to validation in a simulated test environment. Selecting the best tools, collecting the most experienced team, fixing roles and duties, full plan documentation, impartial assessment, and permanently fixing defects are all part of the entire test management and strategy. With rigorous quality, the 360logica testing team can manage simultaneous testing of many apps.

API, SOA, and Web Services Testing

360logica has the necessary abilities and experience to meet the challenges of SOA and web services testing. Through extensive software testing services, the firm ensures stable operation, consistent performance, and that SOA plays a key role in the client’s IT infrastructure framework. Web services have surmounted the constraints associated with security frameworks, applications, network devices, and more, according to the experts. The company is looking forward to providing more integration flexibility across all domains and ensuring SOA’s best outcome across all sectors.

Meet the mastermind behind the success of 360logica

Aditya Krishna is the Chairman of 360logica as well as the Managing Director. Prior to joining 360logica, he worked for Citibank NA in New York as a member of the credit card business’s business analysis department, and then as Vice President of Citibank India. Mr. Aditya Krishna was the Managing Director of Nation Wide Finance Ltd., as well as the company’s founder promoter. He sold the company to the executive team at Citigroup. He was a director of Kennametal India Ltd and a member of the board of directors of Ing Vysya Bank.

Saksoft Ltd, a global pioneer in offering digital transformation solutions, now has him as Chairman and Managing Director. He has a master’s degree from St. Stephens College in New Delhi and a Northeastern University MBA in finance and marketing.

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