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Billabong High International School -Making The Kids Fall In Love With Learning...

Billabong High International School is set in the heart of the city of Kanpur. An idyllic setting of classes in open spaces! What makes it such an impressive school is not only its wonderful staff, students and parents but also the myriad opportunities available to its young people.

Why choose Billabong High International School?


“To ignite human greatness in growing children and pre-adult by fostering talent for thinking and respect for hard work.

Describe your ideal classroom.

Our classroom is collaborative, where students take charge and are active participants in their learning, where children are taught to be creative, analytical, think about their thinking, metacognitive and deploying higher order thinking skills at all times.

The students need to be stretched and imparted transferable skills relevant to the workplace environment.

Our various initiatives are an endeavour to impart globally relevant education to our students. There is a very strong sense of contributing to the progress and development of the community and the world as a whole.

How is technology integrated outside the classroom?

Technology we believe is a great tool to collaborate and charter waters that were unimaginable or impossible to access earlier - the internet and varied software’s have turned learning on its head - more accessible and have made the world an even playing field.

During the pandemic, we have collaborated with the top software platforms like Microsoft teams, firefly, and my school and achieved the impossible. This pandemic has had tech deployment by schools as a silver lining to this entire crisis. We have even gamified this learning process to engage our students. So tech is a great leveller and a key tool deployed by us to fructify our vision.

How is a student’s progress monitored and evaluated apart from testing?

Besides the assessment format, we follow informal testing - like observations, encourage self-assessment, peer review, show and tell, task setting like making of digital portfolios and CVs, setting authentic challenges and real-world tasks - allowing students to speak on larger platforms, run independent clubs in school - be a part of international platforms like World School Debate, World Scholar’s Cup. We also deploy gaming by prescribing apps and competitions - Manga High, Counting well, Science Pop to name a few to build numeracy. Literacy and science.

What do you think the main challenges are to teach students from different parts under a roof?

With tech, there are little or no challenges from our perspective a stable continuous internet connection and a device is what needs to in a place that’s all - then the world is their oyster!

How much leeway do educators get when crafting the programs?

Complete leeway - creativity is a craft that needs to be taught and deployed at all times. The educators need to keep challenging themselves and reinventing their strategies for the students to be prepared well not just in academics, which is a minimum there should but in skill-building - like being organized, problem-solving, critical thinking and analyzing.

How does the school extend learning beyond the classroom?

We encourage learning by making it effortless - we have weaved it in the very fabric of teaching and learning at school - the culture of the school is never to get comfortable but keep growing and challenging ourselves - To give an example;- A plethora of cutting edge co-curricular activities like hosting of World Scholar’s Cup, Tri Sports Cup, Family Quiz IIMUN, World School Debate, Vox Populi, TED talks, Duke of Edinburgh Award. Aerospace Camps and heritage trips, College Guidance Counseling, e-portfolio building, CV, internships with stellar startups and a deep sense of Community service, registered with UCAS, IACAC, CEEB - are associations and partnerships are relevant and top of the line.

A huge emphasis is on value-based education with a strong social commitment.

We inspire students to commit to local and international charities and make regular visits to Shishu Bhawan and specially-abled children organizations to volunteer and engage- evoking mindfulness and a deep-seated sense of gratitude and humility.

We are passionate about providing an education where every student is known and valued in a family environment, which inspires excellence and instils values.

How do you cater for students with different abilities and learning styles?

Our system of teaching and learning is based on best practices worldwide. Initiative, Observation, Feedback and reflection have catapulted the school into the league of reckoning. This creates irreplaceable value for our students, teachers and parents.

The hands-on, teaching and training by the teachers teaching in the top school of the world

Dynamic Curriculum and lesson planning, Teaching Techniques, Inquiry-based learning, Differentiated teaching, Flipped Classroom, Project-based Learning, Jigsaw Techniques, Graphic Organizers, Using technology in the classroom, Self-Learning Mind, mapping, GameBased, Learning,ParentShare, Quizzing,Debating, Multidisciplinary Subject Labs

Creating National and International Academic Platforms of Learning by hosting the following:

TED talks


College Guidance Counselling for Higher Education

Mrs Priti Agarwal, CEO and Founder

Founder-promoter of Kangaroo Kids and Billabong franchise in Kanpur, she has earned a prominent place amongst the leading businesswomen and social workers in Northern India.

A lawyer, educationist and entrepreneur, she was the first woman to trade on the floor of the UP Stock Exchange (Kanpur). Cutting her teeth in the world of business managing her family’s business and legal affairs, she was inspired by her daughter’s progress at Kangaroo Kids, still in its early stages in Bombay, and decided to take the concept to Kanpur.

Making significant investments in developing the concept through coaching parents and developing teachers alike, whilst also capturing the imagination of young minds, Priti has cut through the century-old rote-system based education system and championed the highest quality international education in U.P./North India. She went on to expand the franchise developing new buildings/infrastructure and extending the school to two new campuses in Kanpur.

Affiliated with Cambridge CAIE, Kangaroo Kids Kanpur/ Billabong High schools have come to be regarded as one of the best international schools in North India/U.P. Today, it is also frequented by visiting faculty from some of the leading schools in the world.

Priti has also joined the UCAS and is a part of the Global Career network of UCLA, It is only this year that she has initiated the RULER (Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing and regulating emotions) Programme in her School in association with Yale & Billabong Kanpur has been declared as an SEL School, integrating Social & emotional intelligence into their School.

Tell us something about the school’s achievements.

One should choose us as the practices and experiences that truly demonstrate that the school is aligned with their vision and mission?

By decoupling relevant global opportunities and teaching practices so that respect for hard work and excellence is a habit, not an act - making the kids fall in love with learning.

Enhancing classroom teaching and learning dynamics, learning is no longer confined to shared syllabus teaching in the classrooms. We are very particular in engaging our students with the local community, country and the world. There is a very strong sense of contributing to the progress and development of the community and world as a whole.

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