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In this era where we all are going through mental health issues, stress, and workload yoga is working as a key for all of us. The art of practicing yoga helps us to control a person’s mind, soul, and body. Yoga connects a person’s physical and mental control to achieve a peaceful mind and body. It calms your mind if you’re dealing with mental health. So yogi life is something where you can take online yoga classes, we all know in this pandemic situation we can’t go out so yogi life will give you an online health yoga class. Where they have experienced trainers in Ashtanga Yoga methodology, they are giving you online guided seasons that are meant to improve your health and welfare.

What does Yogi life do?

They embrace a mix of a method to address the key aspect of health, like –

  • Hormonal balance: Physical exercise has always proven to be the best way to cure hormonal imbalance. Some of the yoga asanas stimulate the thyroid gland and help in the proper functioning of other endocrine glands. Some asana also brings the body in a state of complete relaxation.
  • Back & Neck strengthening: Yoga helps increase strength in very specific muscles and muscle groups. Muscle strength improves by remaining in these yoga positions and incorporating various movements so Many of the postures in yoga gently strengthen the muscles in the back, as well as the abdominal muscles. 
  • Respiratory and digestive health: Many people don’t know that the way you eat affects the way your digestive system operates. But did you know that the practice of yoga not only can relieve stress and anxiety but also can ease digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating, and cramping? Performing specific poses can create a detoxifying effect on the body. Many of the asanas that twist and/or cause a tourniquet effect aid in moving the colonic waste from the large intestine and colon.
  • Stress relief and cardio health: Several studies have shown that yoga may help reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga can enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being. Practicing yoga may lead to improved balance, flexibility, range of motion, and strength.

Advantages of yoga

Depending on what you like and the problems you are looking to tackle through the practice, yogi life is something that will help you with it.

  1. Lower stress level 
  2. Increases flexibility
  3. Lowers blood pressure
  4. Relieves anxiety
  5. Lowers blood sugar in diabetics
  6. Improves sense of balance
  7. Stronger bones
  8. Healthy weight

Sessions which are available in Yogi life:

  1. General wellness

               (Mon-Fri) – For Age group 18-50

  • Weekend wellness

               (Sat-Sun) – For Age group 18-50

  • Senior wellness

               (Mon-Fri) – For Age group 50+

  • Focused Therapy

               (Mon-Fri) – Condition Specific

Participating in yoga classes can ease loneliness and provide an environment for group healing and support. Even during one-on-one sessions loneliness is reduced as one is acknowledged as a unique individual, being listened to and participating in the creation of a personalized yoga plan.

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