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“A house of like minded professionals from various specialized fields offering expert solutions.”

A&A Law Corp: Client-Focused Legal Services

The fast-paced Indian corporate environment has been striving to become more professional and regulated. As a result, trade and law have become more intertwined, delivering a boost to corporate legal advisors across the country. A&A Law, a full-service law practise offering complete legal services in all main areas of law, is capitalising on this trend and providing customers with intelligent legal answers.

The company has successfully worked with a number of prestigious clients, including the Embassy of Peru, the Embassy of Mexico, Accenture, IFCI, IIDL, Consulate of India (Indonesia), NHPC, NEEPCO, NSDC, and others, thanks to a capable team of multidisciplinary professionals with experience relevant to a wide range of legal and financial matters. A&A has handled arbitration disputes for Rs.160 crore and a damages suit worth Rs.1,000 crore, as well as notable transactions such as slump sales, private equity, and demergers.

To Be Successful, Focus on the Five Cs

With a long list of renowned projects completed successfully, it’s reasonable to say that A&A has reached the pinnacles of success. The team’s approach to ‘the 5 Cs’ is credited with the firm’s success. The A&A team focuses on producing solutions based on the demands of its clients, keeping ‘Clients’ as its main priority. The firm builds solid ties with its clients by taking a proactive approach. The organisation also assures that its clients receive ‘Consistent’ good results.

The A&A team takes a ‘Creative’ approach to problem-solving, thinking outside the box and devising novel methods to meet the demands of its clients. The corporation also works hard to keep its ‘Cost’ low so that it can pass the savings on to customers. ‘Communication’ is the final component of the 5 C Approach. “We recognise how critical it is to maintain open lines of communication on our client’s work. As a result, we attempt to maintain continual contact with our clients,” says Sanjay Aggarwal, A&A Law’s Managing Partner. Furthermore, regardless of transaction size, the organisation makes an attempt to first understand the business and subtleties involved in a client’s business and operating, and then gives its services and solutions.

Legal Services of the Highest Quality

The New Delhi-based firm provides corporate and commercial advice services as well as ancillary legal services. The firm’s services are focused at offering end-to-end solutions based on a commercial view on the case, as well as effectively managing legal risks.

The business has created a complete list of services, with experience in both contentious and non-contentious legal services. A&A provides strategy planning, legal opinions, document preparation, and negotiation services as non-contentious services.

Arbitration, representation of clients in court hearings at all levels, and execution of court judgments and arbitral awards are all part of the contentious services. In addition, the firm is skilled in providing services for commercial and non-commercial disputes, as well as corporate governance.

A&A is capable of successfully handling situations of any complexity or size because to its diverse service range. Clients also benefit from the firm’s Partners’ high degree of personal attention, which ensures effective execution of the assignment with a rapid turnaround time.

In order to stay relevant, the client-centric business has also acknowledged the necessity to keep on top of the learning curve. “While legal technology, or legal tech, is rapidly developing in jurisdictions such as the United States, Asian countries are increasingly catching up with the trend,” says Sukhamrinder Singh Ahluwalia, Equity Partner, A&A Law. On its platform, the company has included built-in capabilities as well as an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence.

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