Enriching your oxygen need

To stay fit for a long time, you need good quality of oxygen to keep your body organs healthy. Even doctors recommend walking at least in the morning to give your brain and body ample amount of oxygen that keeps blood vessels clean, keeping your blood pressure under control.

India being one of the most populated countries with one of the fastest growing economy in the world is facing critical issue of polluted/contaminated air. Major Indian cities, including our national capital ranks at the top of most polluted cities in the world. To address this serious issue many startups are getting into shape. One of such responsible startup is AATHMA PRANAVAAYU PVT LTD. Let’s dive deep to know more about them.

At first, we would like to know about the inception story of Aathma Pranavaayu. What made you think of creating this company?

Two young Science lovers coming together at a common science lecture forum wanting to contribute something to the humanity/society that enhances their livelihood without disturbing the ecosystem and solving a most important problem. Thus the company AATHMA PRANAVAAYU PVT LTD was formed to address the ever-growing air pollution that is the root cause for most of the problems.

What kind of technology are you implanting for air purification?

The technology revolves around artificial photosynthesis to obtain higher yield of biomass which can consume Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the indoor environment and converting them into oxygen, given out enriched breathable oxygenated air.

What according to you have created the scenario of utilizing technology to purify the breathable air?

All existing air purifiers are simply just chemical filters (made from plastic compositions) that work on the concept of trapping the PM2.5 and PM10 along with some toxins and not addressing the actual problem which are the VOCs present in the environment. Also, the replaceable filters are adding on to the pollution not to forget the trapped pollutants being released back into the environment.

We wanted to use the naturally available resources to address the very same problem and create a sustainable clean green tech solution for air purification. Being a Bio Air purifier that has Zero Waste where the biomass itself has multiple uses like fertilizers and pet feed.

How do you take this challenge of purifying air which is filled with multiple micro elements?

We contain and grow the biomass and feed it with adequate nutrients along with artificial lighting that suits best for photosynthesis and give good yield as well as help in converting the VOCs into oxygen. Also, the biomass is maintained at a pH value that most microorganisms cannot survive. The PM2.5 and PM10  are also suspended in the water molecules thus not letting them escape back into the atmosphere.

What difficulties are you witnessing in your research?

The major difficulty was proving a new concept with values as there were not proper facilities available at our disposal and even if they were, it was expensive for a startup to afford for testing and scaling up the prototype as there was not enough funding support. For VOCs we are trying to incorporate best sensor.

What is the USPs of solution?

First-ever commercial bio air purifier for home use.
In-built air quality monitor. Lightweight, low noise & self-contained. Replaces ~12 plants in a room. Home décor with built-in light. Reduces risk of asthma, COPD & other respiratory ailments. Zero waste (byproducts can be used as fertilizer, pet feed, etc.).

Year of Founding2020
Founding MembersDr. S. Rajalakshmi, Mr. B. Umamahesh, Mrs. Usha Balashanmugham
Office Locations15 Parasu Street, Kilapuk,. Chennai 10
Company StrengthTeam with Different technical skillsets and from 

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