5. Amit Mathur Founder Access School The 10 Best Leaders in E Learning Industry 2022

Making the future generation ready with revolutionary teachings

Access-School is India’s first HyFlex E-learning solution and focuses entirely on K-12 online learning and teacher training. It is a hybrid of both – a mix of online and offline learning; and flexible – accessible anytime anywhere.

Access-School is a team of diverse personalities from different parts of the country and shares some common traits –they are inquisitive, love to learn, and are capable people, especially students. They wonder why schooling is being taught in such a traditional, one-size-fits-all way. They hold strong opinions about what, how, and when to learn, and debate every step of the way to bring their version of support that they believe every learner deserves. They believe that learning is for life and that schooling should help each student to explore and discover their interests, talents, learning styles, study concepts, and develop skills that will help their self-development. Be on the journey of development.

They would love nothing more than to work with more students, teachers, educators, and parents and build a community of lifelong learners. They leverage technology to disrupt three areas of the Indian education system:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Adaptability/Personalization
  3. Flexibility

Access-School provides quality education to different types of students by providing alternative solutions to traditional schooling using the best technology and proven teaching practices implemented by a team of qualified and experienced teachers.

Why Choose them?

  • Hybrid Curriculum: Educational plans are designed with teacher guidance to help learners achieve their full potential.
  • Subject Matter Experts: Eminent teachers with years of experience in the best schools and premier boards of the country.
  • Flexible Schedule: Multiple time slots to choose from based on the learner’s schedule and learning preferences.
  • 1-on-1 And Group Classes: Small batch size, individualized attention to each child’s learning, doubt clarification, and 1-on-1 learning.
  • Novel Learning Experience: State-of-the-art collaborative learning platform with LMS, activity rooms, discussion forums, and more.
  • Certified Course: Full-length and modular courses with synchronous and asynchronous modes of teaching-learning.


Their goal is to create a diverse, interactive online learning environment that is not limited to the one-size-fits-all classroom model dominant in traditional high school settings. They offer students the option to learn at their own pace when it best suits each student’s schedule. Their students develop independent study skills that will benefit them throughout their academic careers. They love nothing more than to work with students, teachers, educators, and parents to build a community of lifelong learners.


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