The foundation

A group of ambitious experts, including a pharmaceutical marketing expert with over 25 years of expertise and substantial international exposure, a practicing Medical Doctor with over 25 years of clinical experience, and a young 3rd Generation businessman, founded ACE LIFECARE. Ishan Ashokkumar Shah leads the company with his expertise.

As individuals become more health-conscious, their lifestyle excesses make them more susceptible to new age diseases, necessitating the development of newer and newer medications. Pharmaceutical distributors throughout the world are struggling to not only achieve and maintain profitable growth but also to offer innovative products, due to increased pricing pressure and shifting marketing conditions. Ace Lifecare provides businesses with the tools they need to meet these issues. A strategic partnership with them enables enterprises to obtain a wide choice of world-class formulations from a WHO-GMP licensed manufacturing facility, expand their product portfolio, and focus on their core strength of medicine marketing and distribution in their local markets/sub-regions.

Why choose them?

They are centrally located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Gujarat is leading India’s pharmaceutical industry expansion. It accounts for about 42% of India’s pharmaceutical turnover, 22% of medication exports, and 20% of the country’s chemical output. Gujarat’s pharmaceutical sector has transformed into a knowledge-driven, innovation-driven industry.

Their WHO-GMP-approved manufacturing plants are outfitted with cutting-edge technology. These support plants, which have received clearance from a variety of regulated and semi-regulated markets, are ready to supply over 20 emerging countries throughout the world (in Africa, SE Asia, and Latin America). We are capable of fulfilling both small and large orders. They recognize that requirements differ from one customer to the next, so they don’t believe in locking their customers down to minimum order amounts. They benefit from economies of scale since they have a big client base with similar needs, and they can use their negotiating strength to deliver you high-quality products at low prices.


Ace Lifecare will supply stakeholders in the healthcare business with high-quality products that are relevant to patients’ requirements at a reasonable price – regardless of where they are in the world.

To achieve this, they will:

  • Set the bar high in terms of service, dependability, safety, and cost-cutting.
  • In their interactions with consumers and partners, they must uphold the highest ethical standards.
  • Respect and value all people, regardless of their backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches, or opinions.
  • With their “can-do” mindset, don’t be scared to make the tough call in quest of achievement.


The vision of ACE LIFECARE is to achieve corporate leadership via INNOVATION, CULTURE, and GROWTH, all led by a firm commitment to improving the quality of life of patients who use their products.

INNOVATION – Through bold business leadership, they deliver new solutions to their customers, thereby increasing their profitability.

CULTURE – The firm is founded on honesty, discipline, and integrity, resulting in long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with its clients.

GROWTH – They aim to grow by continually striving for great quality and the dependability that their consumers need.

What do they do?

ACE LIFECARE offers you the following things

A COMPLETE SOLUTION: To support your existing variety of products and services, new product introductions must be planned, implemented, and maintained. PLAN ACE LIFECARE’s broad experience in a variety of international markets allows them to conduct a quick, comprehensive analysis of your current portfolio and make recommendations for new product introductions.

IMPLEMENTATION: They cover every phase of the process, including product pack design, dossier development, sample preparation, commercial batch production, logistics involved in shipping goods to the destination, designing marketing and promotional inputs as needed, training of Medical Representatives, and assisting in the development of local sales strategies.

Type of company Limited Liability Partnership
Year of Establishment 2017
Industry Pharmaceutical
Headquarters Ahmedabad
Story by Swiftnlift Business Magazine Company

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