6. San Banerjee CEO Adda The 10 Most Influential CEOs Making a Difference 2022

Comprehensive Society Management system for an integrated community of growth

Adda is SaaS for Residential Community Management. With Adda, each Apartment/Condo/Gated community gets a highly useful app for all owners and tenants to connect with their community. Their app is powered by the most comprehensive SaaS with Access Management and ERP.

Adda’s vast product suite includes personal social networks, helpdesk, accounting, facility booking, visitor management, community commerce, service marketplace, and more. Adda believes that each residential community – when connected online and managed well – can provide its residents with great quality of life, investment value to their owners, livelihoods to local vendors, and impactful change in their environment. Adda exists to build the software to make this possible.

Their Products:

  1. Adda ERP
  2. Adda GateKeeper
  3. Adda Clubhouse

In their urban cities, the apartment communities are those villages. A piece of land on which tens or hundreds of families live harmoniously. The apartment community is also a registered organization – collecting general funds to pay vendors, pay taxes, and handle internal and external disputes for maintenance or construction of new infrastructure.

The biggest difference in this organization is its leaders. These are the owners elected by the managing committee. They spend scarce personal timekeeping operational processes in place, evaluating expenditure decisions, and executing projects for the general welfare, without looking for personal gains. Some of them learn completely new skills like accounting for doing so! When they applaud loudly, they also receive more suspicion which often makes their work ungrateful. They believe in their courage and their drive to build that dream neighborhood!

It is to these apartment dwellers and their managing committees that they at the Adda team dedicate their life’s work. They build for them the best software product on which they can run their apartment community – weaving together every aspect of communications, facility management, security, and accounting. Starting in 2009, they have been working tirelessly towards bringing residential communities together by connecting them online. Their motto is to rise above, and every member of Team Adda imbibes the values ​​of Integrity, Excellence, and Collaboration.

What Else Is There For Innovation?

In cases where the business is part of a larger conglomerate and has aspects of centralized procurement or centralized accounting, it will need to be integrated with the accounting software used by the parent group. Adda provides APIs for such integrations and an integration support team.

Thus, for most community and asset management businesses, the Adda accounting engine is completely tailor-made and sufficient to meet industrial needs in real-time.


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