Aespaces Lab Pvt Ltd

5. Abhiram Joshi, Creative Producer- Aespaces Lab Pvt Ltd- The 10 Best Leaders in AR and VR Industry 2022

Aespaes is a full-service visual studio offering concept to state-of-the-art, postproduction support to create immersive audiovisual content. Appreciated by President of India with a National Film Award, Content streaming association with Netflix barging into the world of 3D Hologram, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, serving 50 plus eminent corporate brands, 8 Metro cities in India and 3 continents, Aespaes Lab Pvt Ltd is a leading audio-visual content production house offering Live action, Animation, Virtual Reality, and 3D hologram support, to create engaging cinematic stories.

Their creative directors and producers have received accolades from National & International film festivals like Sundance film festival, Busan film festival for their work. Their executive producer has extensive experience working in Anurag Kashyap Films Private Limited. He along with the team of line producers, assures 24 X 7 production support to audiovisual productions pan India. Their business head, along with the team of marketing executives aptly lays down the promotional, marketing, and distribution strategy for audio-visual products.

Their Setup:

They understand their client’s need to ensure data security. They make sure that the highest levels of content security standards are followed each time. Aespaes Lab Pvt Ltd 3000 sq. ft. The facility is equipped with a secure workstation, CCTV surveillance systems, and ultramodern technology for the effective and efficient delivery of work.

  • Password Protected Company Network
  • Personal Electronic devices prohibited work areas
  • Licences Software
  • High Configured Workstations
  • Human Excess Control
  • Dedicated Server
  • 24×7 CCTV Surveillance
  • Latest Antivirus and firewall Protection

Their services:

  • Corporate Experiential Media: Aespaes Lab offers a wide range of innovative and interactive experiential media solutions in the field of 3D hologram and virtual reality. These services find applications in various sectors like education, manufacturing, retail, real-estate, entertainment, event management, etc.,
  • Educational Experiential Media: The new decade demands imaginative, curious, and inventive minds to confront and explore global markets. The overrated old methods of succeeding in studies like mugging up, rote learning isn’t enough. Aespaes lab is revolutionizing conventional methods of learning through 3D holograms and Virtual reality.
  • Animation: Aespaes specializes in Industry centric animated business communication, business-to-business communications, marketing & corporate image programming, and television infomercials. They also hold expertise in web animated content creation. Fiction & non-fiction programming, for television, web & theatre screens have been catered by them, each with the precise understanding of the medium of screening and medium of expression.
  • Audio Visuals: Their Storytellers have created Audio-visual content for an extraordinarily diverse clientele, including major corporations, Television Channels, non-profit organizations, universities, advertising and public relations agencies, and many others. From Inception to post-production and distribution, they evolve unique ideas to deliver your key messages effectively.
  • VFX: They are partnering with leading VFX studios to provide VFX services to storytellers all over the world. The breath-taking visuals are what they care about! They assure you that their magical tools and skills will dazzle your audiences. With their 40 plus people strong team in India, they provide their global clients with a partner who understands the complexities and creative challenges of modern-day VFX.

3D Holographic Projection technology is a very intriguing form of advertising which is unique and one of a kind. It is one of the finest technological innovations in holograms. High definition, 3D holographic projection & three-dimensional life-size illusions all are brought together to bring your brand alive. This illusion can be either of a person or product, which can be enabled to move and interact with the audience. This technology can be used to craft real-time projections for live presentations, live stage performances, and teleconferences that are conducted across the globe.


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