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“Making Investment Opportunities Safer, Relevant and Accessible”

Andrew Au Co-Founder & CEO AG DELTA: Increasing the safety, relevance, and accessibility of investment opportunities

Digital Wealth Platform Suite

FinTech is a sector that has been gaining traction for some time. In this sector, many companies are currently playing pivotal roles. With its enormous expansion, it’s likely that we’ll see more and more businesses enter the industry. ‘Financial Technologies’ is the abbreviation for ‘financial technologies.’ It is, as the name implies, a path through which technology assists the financial sector in terms of services and other aspects. It is used by major financial institutions for their backend operations. AGDelta is one of these businesses.

AGDelta is a B2B2C FinTech company that integrates the Wealth Management and Investment Product Provider ecosystem digitally. AGDelta’s Digital Wealth Platform seeks to offer a one-of-a-kind combination of electronic best execution, regulatory compliance, and artificial intelligence capabilities that can be used across the network. It is now being expanded to include Financial Intermediaries.

3-Modular Digital Wealth Platform

Match the right clients with the proper advise. It is powered by artificial intelligence and proprietary matching algorithms and data. Its automated recommendation systems analyse data and match investment opportunities to clients’ profiles, preferences, and profiles. Based on the client’s NEEDS, financial advice will be RELEVANT and TIMELY.

Pre-screen and secure all investment opportunities

Compliance as a Service Open API powers this, which includes KYC, Investment Suitability, Product Risk Rating, and Cross-Border Regulatory Controls. Pre-screening of investment opportunities is possible based on a client’s investment profile and logic. SUITABLE AND APPROPRIATE financial advice will be available across regulatory countries.

Connect the best provider with best price and research

The best execution connectivity hub for multi-assets allows optimum efficiency for the best customer experience. Requests for price/quote and execution can be transmitted digitally with custodian banks and product providers. Financial advice can be implemented quickly, and customers have a real choice.

The Firm’s Managing Partner

Andrew Au | Founder and CEO

Andrew is the CEO and Co-Founder of AGDelta, a leading B2B2C Fintech in the Digital Wealth area in Asia. With his assistance, the business is delighted to have established a platform that has witnessed over $1.5 trillion in transactional turnover across 15 countries, as well as the regulatory controls, digital networks, and AI capabilities needed to make these investments safer and more relevant. He has a terrific team in Hong Kong and Singapore, two of the world’s most important financial centres.

He is ensuring that the company is the only FinTech in Asia to win both Govt. and Regulator-backed TOP FinTech awards in the same year in Singapore (Q4-17) and Hong Kong (Q1-2018), as both smart cities lead Asia’s digital revolution.

He has worked for top-tier institutions since the mid-early 1990s, including investment banking roles at Bankers Trust, Macquarie Group, and Deutsche Bank in key global financial centres, and in the early 2000s with global financial tech giant SunGard, which successfully LBO’d for a record USD 11.x billion. This provided Andrew Auto with crucial expertise, allowing me to pursue my passion and develop AGDelta and its beta software during the Great Recession.

During his time as CEO of AGDelta, he has actively engaged retail and private banking institutions, as well as independent asset managers around the world, in transforming their businesses by leveraging E-commerce and digital channel models, as well as their relative network effect, to develop new business models.

Andrew Au and AGDelta were instrumental in the establishment of Asia’s first B2B connectivity platform for Structured Products (Contineo) with major worldwide Tier1 global banks, as well as the development of various digital networks across the wealth ecosystem. More announcements on important JVs that will disrupt the digital banking and investing market will be made in 2018.

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