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“Empowering women to wake leader in themselves”

About Agua Women’s Leadership

AGUA Women’s Leadership accompanies every woman in her life-changing experience. Helping women to cope with the complexity of today’s culture 24 hours a day, without interruption and always in a challenging way, is something we specialize in!

Change begins with you and within you. Who you are and what you do is never abstract! Your mind is everything. We want to work with you to “unleash your innate/inherent/hidden potential”. You are really perfect, resourceful and wise! We are not here to reinvent you, but to enable you to rediscover your true self. Our coordinated programs will help you wake up, cultivate your curiosity, change your thinking, make strong decisions, be flexible, and develop great lifestyle habits. For us, this is true leadership training!

At AGUA Women’s Leadership, we help women to free themselves from fear, stress and inhibitions so that they can escape the familiar, meet their goals and create more comfort and simplicity! We do this through programs of self-empowerment, self-love, and self-control.

The Founders

The Dynamic Duo

Subha Pandian

Visionary. Catalyst. Businesswomen. Activist. Trainer. Mother. Seeker. From corporate equipment to an entrepreneur, a nice side effect of my line of work is that I’ve been training on some pretty exciting results.

I am a qualified C-suite Business Optimization practitioner with a passion for excellence in all areas of business with a career spanning nearly two decades, during which I have delicately balanced my job, single parenting needs and support building for women. Group (which touched more than 8000 women from different backgrounds).

Sunitha Vikram

I have twenty years of professional experience in various sectors, hierarchies and global regions. The paper version of me looks great and almost every interview got me the job. However, my true strength and courage are manifested in the untold story in the quiet spaces between my achievements on the resume.

In that space, I would talk about my unstoppable self-determination and my willpower to face my fears and doubts when my personal situation did not lend itself positively to my aspirations.


• Women’s Leadership Development (Managers/Senior Leaders/C-suite)

• Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

• Mentoring

• Coaching


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