AI leading the race for future (Part-2)

12. AI leading the race for future Part 2 The 10 Best IT Companies in India 2022

Technological advancements are never satisfying. We always strive for a bit more. Artificial Intelligence has been a keyword for developing intelligent machines. The research on AI started back in the post-World War II era. It took decades of research & testing to commercialize at large. 

Current developments in AI display promising outcomes. Earlier, we have covered a few industries that are benefitting from AI. You can visit our article AI leading the race for future

Why focus on Artificial Intelligence? 

It is tough to keep growing at a certain pace. Machines help us achieve desired goals within specific time & resources. We have an appliance for every particular task. It makes our life easy, but the real question is, how long will it satisfy us?

We are familiar with voice assistants. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant are a few examples that are popularly showcased as a development in technology. These voice command assistants follow some basic tasks at this early stage. Coding such a complex system is never an easy task. However, the big tech giants are betting at large on such tech developments that are considered tech of the future.

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Machine learning ML & Deep learning (DL) are termed the extended arms of AI. It has been a trending topic in several parts of the world. 

Machine learning is basically software that analyses the historical data as input to predict the outcome. It is a self-learning computer algorithm designed to improve user experience automatically. The best example of machine learning could be typing board on our phones. Have you noticed that once we type in a pattern & use certain words, we get recommendations from the keyboard for the next word? That is how machine learning operates. It studies our behaviour & choice to identify our habits, which can be saved for later actions or could help save time repeating the same task.  

Deep learning is a more complex machine learning technique that plays a vital role in technology, such as driverless cars and automatic parking. It can also be called an upgraded version of machine learning for big machines. Tesla cars are the finest example of deep learning. Tesla Model 3 claims to be a fully functional self-driven car. Other automotive manufacturers have started working on this tech which is showcased as the need of the future. 

Possibilities from Artificial Intelligence

Making machines intelligent was the initial goal for AI development. Later, the outcome was presumed to be more promising than ever thought. Hence, it got tested in several industries. Now, we are standing at a position of no return. 

Whether it be any interactive software application or a website, smooth functioning could not be achieved without inserting AI in it. Algorithms help identify needs of the user and display the search results accordingly. Various websites have become interactive & chatbots are installed to be available 24*7. Some chatbots are interactive & respond to the message accordingly. 

The robotics industry is one of the emerging tech sectors that rely mainly on AI, ML & DL. Robots are being designed for several operations that can reduce human efforts. Floor Cleaning Robot or Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, was developed in 2001 but was never revealed to the market due to its high price. However, certain developments & mass production boosted the sales by up to 20% in 2016 globally.  

Final thoughts on AI development

There is a debate on tech development worldwide. AR & VR technology is being emphasized on several heights as it can help improve the experience of learning & study. Space travel and colonizing humans on different planets are the key points that have been promoting tech development from a broader perspective. 

We need to understand the needs of the hour and act accordingly. Considering the current natural environment of the earth, it is an alarming situation for many. Tech development has to be done in the prioritized sector such as Education, R&D, Healthcare, Agriculture & Food. 

– Parag Ahire

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