13. AI Machine learning aid business growth 10 Most Dynamic Leaders in Machine Learning Industry 2022

Artificial intelligence has a broad range of applications in business, including streamlining job processes and collecting business data. AI is expected to take digital technology out of the two-dimensional screen and into the three-dimensional physical environment surrounding an individual. Although mainstream society’s acceptance of AI is a new phenomenon, it is not a new concept. 

The modern field of AI was established in 1956. It took decades of effort to make significant progress toward developing an AI system and making it a technological reality.

In business, AI has many uses. Most of us interact with AI in some of its forms daily. AI enters almost all business sectors. As AI technology increases, they are becoming critical to maintaining a competitive edge. 

AI and Business

Rather than replacing human intelligence and ingenuity, artificial intelligence is generally regarded as a supplementary tool. Although AI is currently incapable of performing common-sense tasks in the real world, it is capable of processing and analyzing massive amounts of data much faster than the human brain. Artificial intelligence software can then present the human user with synthesized courses of action. Machine Learning, Prescriptive analytics, and data science have helped many companies to solve complex problems and it resulted in millions of dollars in savings.

AI helps in the following ways:

  • Predictive analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Deep learning

Common uses of AI

Machine learning, cyber security, customer relationship management, internet searches and personal assistance are the most common applications of artificial intelligence. 

AI based business growth

AI and machine learning accelerate the business growth in the following ways:

  • Machine learning helps businesses to develop software capable of understanding natural human language. 
  • Businesses use machine learning to enhance the efficiency of logistics and transportation networks.
  • Machine learning enables businesses to use preventative maintenance to decrease equipment breakdowns and increase profits.
  • Businesses can use machine learning to create useful customer profiles, increase sales, and improve brand loyalty.

Machine learning is the most important technology for future businesses. This is because AI-powered software is already assisting businesses in increasing efficiency, improving customer relationships, and increasing sales. According to the International Data Corporation, spending on machine learning will reach $77.6 billion by 2022.

Natural language

Software understanding natural language is one of the most difficult challenges that the tech industry has faced since its birth. It is being updated, meanwhile still having some difficulties understanding it. AI-based programs are capable of learning from past experiences and mistakes. For example, applications like search engines and voice-activated assistants are beginning to understand regular human speech enough to operate with confidence.


The retail and logistics industries are becoming exports in the data analytics and machine learning field. In logistics, machine learning helps companies to increase efficiency in every step of the shipping, storage and sales process. Machine learning is being used by international shipping companies to increase profits. Thousands of components are installed on cargo ships, long-haul trucks, and smaller equipment by these companies. 

This assists managers in identifying breakdown patterns and developing preventative maintenance schedules to keep their ships and trucks moving. Retail companies like Amazon are also leading in the use of machine learning. Retail companies use machine learning to increase efficiency in their delivery networks and anticipate customer needs.


In a manufacturing company, machine learning helps in every stage of production. This is because AI-powered technology can assist businesses in saving money by streamlining inventory management, increasing production efficiency, and predicting equipment breakdowns before they occur.

Consumer data

Businesses have spent decades amassing billions of data points on their customers, including information such as purchasing habits, demographic identifiers, income, and more. AI-powered software is finally allowing these businesses to make use of this data. 

Executives are working with Python software development firms to create cutting-edge data analytics software that can collect data and generate useful and actionable predictions.

An example of this type of use of AI is Netflix. The online streaming platform uses machine learning to create extensive viewing profiles that predict which shows and movies users will be interested in. 

Summing up

AI and machine learning are supporting businesses to increase sales and plan for the future. AI-based software is also being used to increase efficiency and boost sales in manufacturing and logistics. Now, development in natural language is expected to have a significant impact on consumer devices and businesses alike.

– Varada Ukidave

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