Air India is contemplating the acquisition of up to 200 new aircraft

Air india is contemplating

According to aviation industry insiders, Tata Group-owned Air India is contemplating purchasing more than 200 new planes, with 70% of them being narrow-body aircraft.

However, deliberations with Airbus and Boeing for narrow-body aircraft are still underway, notwithstanding Air India’s decision to acquire an A350 wide-body aircraft. A wide-body airliner, such as the Airbus A350, has a larger fuel tank, allowing it to fly greater ranges, such as the India-US flights. After aggressively bidding for the airline on October 8, last year, the Tata Group gained ownership of Air India on January 27.

Since 2006, when it made orders for 111 aircraft, 68 from the US-based aircraft manufacturer Boeing and 43 from the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, Air India has not purchased a single aircraft.

On the fringes of the International Air Transport Association’s 78th annual general conference, aviation sector insiders revealed Air India is considering purchasing 200 new planes. There will be 70% of narrow-body aircraft and 30% of wide-body planes in the fleet.

According to them, they haven’t made up their minds on whether or not to buy an Airbus A320 or a Boeing 737Max aircraft.

Boeing B777 (eight), B747 (four), and B787 (seven) are among the airline’s wide-body aircraft, according to reports. A total of 79 of the airline’s narrow-body planes are part of its fleet.

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