“Backed with experience and a team of professionals, providing one stop legal solutions to housing societies.”

Tell us about yourself – your vision and mission

Ajit: As a first generation lawyer, with simplicity but as a highly professional person & I do believe that commitment, quality & ethics, are at the heart of all success stories. My true interest & love for law developed only after; I started practicing, as junior, internships & years of experience with various Senior Counsels, Attorneys & Law Firm and Then Independently as Ajit Chaugule & Law Partners.

I have authored several articles, newsletters, guidance handbooks, also spoken at various fora, & I have been featured in several leading news publications. I have conducted various seminars in Pune & Mumbai. I do have the professional association of Maharashtra & Goa Bar Council.

My approach, value statement shall be -respect, teamwork, passion for excellence, commitment, continuous learning.

Tell us about your – areas of practice & specialization

Ajit: We are backed up with experienced & professional team that handles:- co-operative housing society, registration, formation, conveyance deed, deemed conveyance, apartment condominium, RERA:- real estate (regulation and development), property & real estate laws, court litigation & dispute resolution, legal due diligence & drafting & registrations, legal & regulatory compliances. We focus on providing specialized services to our clients.

Do you have any professional association?

Ajit: I am also an associated legal advisor of various housing society federations in Pune & Mumbai.

• Pune district co-operative housing federation limited.

• Maharashtra societies welfare association – Mumbai.

• Wagholi housing societies association.

• Pimpri

• Chinchwad co-operative housing

• Societies federation.

Do you have any government official appointed post?

Ajit: I Am Also On A Panel Of On Various Governments Appointed Post In Maharashtra &India:-.

Arbitrator:- Official Panel Arbitrator – State Of Maharashtra.

Liquidator:- Official Panel Liquidator – State Of Maharashtra.

Election Officer:- Official Panel Election Officer – Maharashtra State.

Gazette Notary:- Official Gazette Notary – Government Of India.

What novel services do you provide to the customers? Why should one prefer you?

Ajit: Expertise & specialization in specific areas of law, for our clients, we as a legal firm, do specialize in Legal & Co-Operative Housing Society Sector In Pune & Maharashtra.

We focus on providing specialized services to our clients. As of now, we do have offices in

Hadapsar – Pune,

Somwar Peth – Pune.

We are backed up with experienced & professional team that handles:- co-operative housing society, registration, conveyance deed, deemed conveyance,

Apartment condominium, RERA: – Real

Estate (regulation and Development), property & real estate laws, court litigation & dispute resolution, legal due diligence & drafting’s & registrations, legal & regulatory compliances.

Why should one prefer you?

Ajit: We are backed up with experienced & professional team that handles co-operative housing society work as well as court matters. Among the leading law firms in Pune, with a strength of over 6 associate partners, 20 associate lawyers and architects, management professionals, chartered accountants & company secretaries and, where necessary, technical experts & a combined experience of years through our partners.

What were the obstacles you faced at the time of inception of your consultancy and how did you overcome them?

Ajit: As a first generation lawyer, having no mentors, no guidance, so it is always difficult to start a profession wherein, i had no idea, about its “if & but”. I already had faced all challenges of a newly founded legal practise, the biggest one being organising the investment for growth of infrastructure. Every three years, our entire savings were pumped back into the organisation.

Originally, my firm started as KCL & Associates and evolved to Become Ajit Chaugule & Law Partners. Currently, in Pune, We Expertise in the Co-Operative Housing Society, Court Litigation & Dispute Resolution.

After taking admission in law in 2005, from a very initial

Phase I wanted to work & start my own practise since I had already worked in different organisations. I had already visualized the kind of organisation I wanted to build and had a concrete plan in place.

What personality attributes, abilities and education do you think is necessary to improve and promote your business?

Ajit: Respect, teamwork, passion for excellence, commitment, continuous learning. With such a tough schedule, extra-curricular activities were not an option for me. Also, legal education was not as dynamic then and opportunities were limited. Higher education and more importantly quality higher education gives an edge to new job seekers over graduates. In my opinion, one should pursue higher education after a few years of work. A master’s course should be approached like a research adventure for acquiring higher knowledge, rather than to acquire one more qualification for job prospects.

Share about your journey from the commencement.

Ajit: My first internship during my college days, I was at CNS juries – law firm, at Pune. I learnt drafting, court craft, use of legal research software and many aspects of legal practice. I learnt how to find solutions when none were readily available. I discovered how to handle my colleagues, both junior and senior, in a professional manner. I understood the nature of work in various departments of law and also how a law-firm worked. Most importantly, i developed my own unique vision of establishing a successful and ethical law-firm.

Phone No. :-9222 302 302
Office No 1:-Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Office No 2:-Somwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
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