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4. Mr. CK Sashikumar, Co-Founder & CEO - ANANDHA PRABHU Co- Founder - Vice President Operations - AKR Infra Corporation - The 10 Most Promising Clean Tech Startups 2022


The Indian automotive industry is undergoing restructuring, as the need for strict climate change policy implementation has been rising each day. Researchers and scientists around the globe have declared warnings for all the big cities on the coastlines. 

Vehicular pollution has become one of the major reasons for medical disabilities related to lungs and breathing. All the big cities, especially in the Northern section of India, have been the worst in terms of breathable air quality. Delhi, our national capital, has become the most polluted national capital in the world. This was a final warning for the governments and residents of India to restructure our transport system, or else it could get worse than we could imagine. 

To address this alarming issue, EV startups came forward. Electric vehicles are currently playing a vital role for citizens who are trapped in a contaminated environment. Battery-powered vehicles have no tailpipe emission that releases multiple toxic chemicals into the air. To ensure continuity in the transition EVs need charging infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted driving. 

One of the finest growing startups in the EV charging industry is AKR Infra Corporation. We had this opportunity to have a conversation with the Co-Founder & CEO, Mr. CK Sashikumar, and Co-Founder & VP of Operations, Anandha Prabhu.

We had this question & answer session, which is as under:

What made you establish AKR Infra? Why did you choose to become an EV charger provider?

AKR Infra Corporation was established to dispense enterprise customers with a vendor-independent EV charge point which is powered by solar and along with a wide range of products for EV station operations. Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions through alternative sustainable energy sources.

What challenges do you see in EV charging space and how do you address it?

The challenge that we are facing at the moment is to provide solar power distribution for 24 hours for all of our charging stations. We will soon make sure that all our charging stations are able to function 24/7 on the basis of solar power itself.

Where have you installed your chargers? At what pace are you expanding your EV charging network?

At the moment we have installed our chargers at Coimbatore, Navakkkarai, and Karur. Furthermore, we have plans for installing chargers in Chennai and then slowly expanding out to other states all over the country.

What kind of growth are you predicting in the EV market of India?

Due to the drastic effect of climate change and pollution on the environment, the Govt. of India is taking tremendous measures to embrace sustainable alternatives. We believe that by the year 2030, there will be a huge spike in demand for the EV market. Almost 40-50% of all the vehicles in the country will be EVs.

Are you providing EV chargers only for cars and Busses?

At the moment, we are providing EV chargers for cars and busses. However, we also plan on setting up EV charging stations for two-wheelers. We are also venturing into retrofitting by collaborating with a European company. This process will convert diesel/petrol-driven vehicles into EVs. 

Year of Founding2020
Founding Members3
Office LocationsCoimbatore & Chennai
Company Strength18 members

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