9. Preeti Rathore, Founder _ Director - Amritatva - 10 Best Corporate Leaders From Jaipur 2021

Organically Sourced, Beautifully Served

Amritatva means food of immortality, food that gives you power and strength to stay healthy and strong. It is derived from the Sanskrit words “Amrit” and “Tatva”. At Amritatva they grow, cultivate & nurture medicinal mushrooms without using TOXIC chemicals. They train women and farmers. They are also making value-added Vegan and Gluten-Free mushroom-based products; they have a range of healthy snacking.


Their Business Idea is to provide food that is healthy and free of harmful chemicals, in a sustainable way. So, the food is not only good for us but also good for the environment. They are doing eco-friendly mushroom farming, in which they are using agro-waste that is now days reused in multiple ways, so this is upcycling and after harvesting of crop they make compost out of leftover bags that is the idea of Zero waste farming.


Oyster mushroom is an edible fungus and classified as a vegetable in world foods.  Mushrooms have medicinal and nutritional properties. Oyster mushroom is a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other antioxidants like selenium protect body cells from damage that might lead to chronic diseases and help to boost the immune system. Oyster mushroom is low in calories, fat-free Cholesterol free, Gluten-free, and very low in sodium. By consuming oyster mushrooms anyone can decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and increase the immunity system.

Products they have:

  • Dried Oyster Mushroom: Great plant-based source of vitamin D. if you don’t know, you can blend your dried oyster mushrooms into a powder and use it as a spice in your meals.
  • Oyster Mushroom Powder: It’s a Protein-rich health booster Powder.
  • Sesame Seeds Oyster Mushroom Cookies: It is a healthy cookie Made with whole wheat flour, sesame seeds & Coconut cold-pressed oil.
    No refined flour, No crystal sugar, No Milk, No trans-fat, and No Preservatives are used in making.
  • Nutritious Mushroom Chocolate: Plant-Based Chocolate with the power of Oyster Mushrooms. Made with pure cocoa, Coconut Sugar, and cocoa butter. No compound, no refined sugar added in making.
  • Oyster Mushroom Pickle: Pickles are our tradition and a very important part of Indian cuisine. Tangy Flavoured Oyster Mushrooms Pickles have a mouth-watering taste which is available in two flavors Kacha Aam and tangy red chilies and made with cold-pressed mustered oil.

Their vision from day one is to provide quality & variety of value-added Vegan & Gluten-free mushroom-based products at affordable prices. They have a mission of healthy and nutritious food for longevity in a sustainable way, grown without using any harmful/ toxic chemicals, so it’s good for growers, consumers, and the environment. So, they are the ones you can go for if you want healthy mushroom products for your diet.


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