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1. Vikas Dubey Founder CEO Annova Solutions Private Limited 10 Most Dynamic Leaders in Machine Learning Industry 2022

At Innova Solutions, they combine ideas, workforce, and technology to deliver leading results. They use a variety of processes to create an exceptional outsourcing experience for our customers. They are a proud team of 200+ experts who work day-to-day and add significant value to the field of customer experience and data criticism. Annova Solutions is set to explore new frontiers in the global delivery industry driven by a unique combination of superior talent capabilities, cost-effective delivery engines, and state-of-the-art tech accelerators.


Exploring new frontiers to drive a unique combination of superior talent capabilities, cost effective delivery engine and cutting edge tech

At Annova Solutions, they believe in solving problems and overcoming challenges for our customers. Their leaders have extensive knowledge in various verticals around the world. Their teams are driven by innovation, new technologies, and adaptability that make working with them flexible yet efficient. Annova sets up Knowledge Service Units (KSUs) that are nothing more than an extension of your team – except that Annova does most of the heavy lifting, thinking, and execution, so you can sit comfortably, relax and focus on most of the strategic areas of your business.

Their Project Case Studies: 

  • Data labeling operations: US-based sports and entertainment technology company that focuses on creating innovative technology solutions for data retrieval that in turn, help players improve their experience and performance. The project aimed to help the client with data labeling services to further enhance its machine learning model. 
  • Business finance operations: They combine Australian SMEs with the right finance and financial technology solutions. With operations across Australia and India, they are in a good position to engage businesses with their preferred partners. They implement customized digital strategies to engage with small business owners and their engagement with these SMEs provides a powerful platform for delivering value-added solutions and, in turn, becoming a valid partner in the growth journey of many businesses. 
  • Contact center operation: This client has a team of 300+ outreach consultants who are based in the US. And operating from various locations in the Philippines. The basic goal is to increase the reach of the client team through various channels. 

Their services: 

  1. Data training and critique

Artificial Intelligence has established itself among the most incredible industries in the world. Be it security, medical, gaming, or any other field, there is a lot of automation. Large amounts of data are produced and managed every day to streamline life with AI. At Annova Solutions, they work tirelessly to ensure that such AI models get data with 99.9% accuracy to make them robust models.

  • Categories of data training
    • Image annotation
    • Computer Vision
    • NLP
    • Face detection
    • Geospatial algorithms
    • ML / AR / VR algorithms
  1. Their Design For Success:

They provide end-to-end solutions with smart people, AI-powered solutions, process excellence, and detailed analytics to enhance your customer experience. From the best hiring in the class, process excellence, intelligent automation, and strong infrastructure for the customer and team, they take care of everything to deliver effective solutions.

  • Their AI-powered solutions for customers
  • Tap: Automated digital customer service on any web touchpoint.
  • Text: AI-powered chatbots that automate processes.
  • Talk: Voice bots that help the customer.
  • Multitask: Multimodal visual IVR to facilitate channel shift.
  • AI-powered solutions for teams
  • Guidance: Call center scripting for the next best action.
  • Automatic: Attended RPA robots for employees.
  • Assist: Agent assistance powered by RPA and AI.
  • Integrated: Modern agent desktops for multi-skilled agents. 
  1. Home healthcare services

To improve the quality of care and reduce costs Annova works with different stakeholders such as PCP practices, health plans, service providers, and consulting companies’ innovative solutions.

Their Medical Coder Training:

India, as well as the USA both, have a lot of scope for the medical coders where they can expect to earn a very great package. If you have the required minimum qualifications, you too can expect to be a part of this super-fast-growing industry with high growth potential.

You should qualify for this exam because a certified medical coder is paid more than a non-certified medical coder. Coders who hold a certified professional coder certificate earn 20 percent more than their non-certified counterparts. AAPC also offers a variety of other certifications that certify the knowledge of an individual in other medical fields.

Annova Solutions offers Certified Professional Coder (CPC) Examination training through an interactive face-to-face mode for which classes are conducted at their Indore Institute campus. They will provide you with study materials, assignments, test papers, case studies, and lectures on key areas, which will help you clear the CPC test.

So, if you’re a Graduate/Post Graduate Degree/Diploma holder in Pharmacy, Healthcare, Medicine, Dentistry, Biology, Zoology,  Nursing, Microbiology, or Biochemistry you are welcome to apply for the medical coding training course. Their Course typically covers topics like medical terminology, body systems and anatomy, electronic health records as well as learning how to use the CPT Manual, ICD-10 and HCPCS Manuals, CMS-1500 Claim Form, and the UB-04 Claim Form.


They are leading masters of AI and machine learning services, computer vision services, healthcare operations, and shared service partners in India. They work for clients worldwide, 90% of whom are from the USA.





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