ANZO Controls Pvt Ltd

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“Born to define the new vertical of the automation of the future.”

Anzo control: Manufacturer of Electronic and software product for Industrial segment

Anzo Controls Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 31 March 2021. 

Anzo Controls is a manufacturer of Electronic and software product for Industrial segment.

Anzo controls builds best in class products in the following domains.

· Motion control and Drives · Industrial PCs

· Multiaxis Robotics Arm

· Motorized driven Rollers.

· Servo drives

· HMis

· Power supplies.

Anzo controls is enabling Manufacturing sector to take advantages of its offering and enables OEMs to have a competitive and advanced solution for the market. With Embedded, IT, Controls and Mechanical offerings under one umbrella.

Anzo controls are all set to change the dynamics of Machine Manufacturing.

Who Are We?

Anzo controls team has multidisciplinary experience in Embedded, IT, Mechanical and controls. Having decades of Industrial experience Anzo team joint hand to boost automation segment with its offerings.

All our products are “Proudly made in India” with emphasis on core values and quality. Anzo is all set to establish the new vertical for automation for future.

Future Is What We Create


We embrace the future by creating it with our passion and hard work. At Anzo we are redefining robotics and controls with our offerings which are more faster, more accurate, more precise and more connected.

Anzo controls Products




Achieve More with Anzo motion control solution

  • Reduced size of the machine
  • Increased Throughput
  • Increased speed and accuracies
  • Increased output Power and Torque
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Multiprotocol support



Custom made Frameless servos for various robotics applications

High performance

Supports various protocols

Seamless integration with Motion Controller


Great Visualization,

Complete Integration from shop floor to Enterprise network

More Open :MQTT/Webserver/OPCUA embedded

Its not an HMI its a digital transformation agent


Rugged networking

Multiprotocol support

Support various OS windows/Linux


Custom made Frameless servos for various robotics applications

High performance

Supports various protocols

Seamless integration with Motion Controller


Modular design

More Precise Positioning 

Multiprotocol support

Cost effective

Easy integration with 3rd party Api’s


1 phase/3 phase Input

24 Vdc output

50 watt to 480 watt

Modbus/Ethercat/Profinet communication

-40 to 70 degree celcius


Multi axis articulated Robot

Pay load 5 Kg -25 Kgs

Number of axis : custom

Open controller

easy Integration with 3rd party Api’s

Costumed as per user


High Power in smallest footprint

Best in class Controller

Both AC and DC version available

Supports Ethercat/Profinet/OPC UA/MQTT protocols


Superfast and still connected.

Real time and deterministic communication

–          Micro second response to I/Os

–          Connect to any cloud

–          Connect to any ERP

–          Easily integrate with any API’s

Build Robots faster

Anzo Controls offer modular design approach for make robots very fast.

Open Motion controller

Modular Joints

Seamless Integration 

Boost your Machine performance

If you think that you have build a good machine.

Anzo controls will enable you to make it a “Great Machine”

More connected


Smaller Footprint

More precise

Safer then ever

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