AR & VR transforming the gaming industry

12. AR _ VR transforming the gaming industry- The 10 Best Leaders in AR and VR Industry 2022

In the modern age, everything is evolving, so it’s no surprise that AR and VR technologies are developing rapidly. The people who have contributed to the sector’s growth are smartphone and laptop users who play games. This popularity of gaming has made a notable contribution to boosting the AR and VR gaming experiences. Technology has had a notable influence on the gaming business. AR has impacted the technological world in marketing, e-commerce, education, automotive, healthcare, retail, and defense. The targeted value by 2023 is about 385 billion dollars, but the market will have exceeded it. Some examples of AR include Layar, google sky map, SpotCrime, and PokemonGo. VR has become a trending topic in gaming and ultimate market interests. It has some pros, such as absorbing users in real-time games and stunning virtual objects.

How AR and VR have brought about revolutionary changes in the gaming domain:

  1. The Revival of 3D: The concept of 3D movies is not lost in the world. Add to it the immersive nature that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality bring to the table, 3D programs are more appealing to the consumers.

When this concept is applied to the Gaming industry, it creates extraordinary experiences for Gamers. 3D effects give a life-like appearance to in-game characters and give users a thrilling experience. The appearance and graphics are the backbones of Games and AR/VR enhances its levels.

  • Captive Experience: A captive experience does not allow users to differentiate between real and virtual environments. This plays a crucial role, especially in the success of a Game application in today’s era. Virtual Reality simulations depict real environments and allow users to emulate Game Avatars in real-time.

For instance, in the popular Game Warzone, players wear a headset that virtually places them inside the game, and they are an avatar of their character. As they move along, the avatar moves with them, and they can visualize everything that this character encounters in the Game. Thus, a captive experience is created.

  • Real-Time Interaction: Augmented Reality allows users to interact with objects in real-time. In AR Games, real-time augments will appear on a player’s screen which he/she can interact with while enjoying the experience.

An ideal example for this would be the game Jurassic World where a forest-like environment appears in 3D on the user’s device and objects like in-game dinosaurs, falling tree branches, etc. make the environment immersive for the user.

  • Integration with the Fitness Domain: AR/VR Game experiences can also turn into a workout if the desired game involves a lot of physical activity. Not only does this kind of experience give users a fun experience but it allows them to maintain their fitness while they do so.

With this major integration, gone are the days when video games would make you lazy. Several gaming manufacturers are looking at this and collaborating with leading fitness brands to deliver high-performance games-cum-work out programs.

  • Change of Perspective: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been one of the major reasons for the evolution of the gaming industry. These technologies add an enhanced form of digital representation to Game Applications making them more attractive and engaging for the users.

The creative designs of these techs are known to possess more potential than any other tech. What they also bring to the table is a fresh perspective on how the best Video Games are perceived. With advanced gaming consoles and game stations playing their part, Gaming experiences are much more fun-filled than usual.

Game changer transformation in India

According to the latest report of Google-KPMG, the online gaming industry in India is considered to display the growth of $1 billion in 2021 which currently means $360 million. This denotes that a growth rate of 20% would easily be achieved with the support of online gamers’ communities that are expected to contribute approximately 310 million in 2021.

Entrepreneurs are looking forth for experts who could discover technology that is going to be a game-changer in the coming years. One of the reputed companies “WATTY” is on the way to taking AR gaming to the next level. This company has introduced a dedicated app named “WATTY REMOTE” that has brought users from across the world to one platform where the digital layer is created over the real-life canvas.


I hope now we all know how AR and VR have brought a revolution in the world and especially in the gaming sector. These technologies help to create a realistic image along with sound and other sensations, to offer an imaginary setting that stimulates a gamer’s physical presence in the environment. Users are going to discover a complete virtual world replacing the real which would be controlled by their body movement. Thus, it proves that it is a remarkable beginning of AR and VR technology. Gamers have a lot more to see with the advent of time.


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