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About Architecture Continuous

Architecture Continuous is a Bangalore based group of architects, designers, engineer’s builders and thinkers working within the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Research and Development. The office is currently involved in a large number of diversified projects throughout India and abroad that include Residential Homes, Group Housing, Hospitality, Commercial, Institutional and Public Spaces.

We care deeply about what we do and relish the involvement in the design and execution of each project. Our firm is defined by creativity, commitment, high energy and a true team spirit continuously striving to become better and better at what we do.We look at architecture as a quest to define the environments that induce the most appropriate experience to the people in response to the matrix of pragmatic concerns interwoven with sensibilities.Programmatic requirements, the site conditions, climate, culture, life style, economics, technical feasibility form the matrix of Pragmatic concerns and the aesthetics form the sensibility. We participate and contribute towards the wellbeing of our clients, our culture and environment. We strive towards leaving a positive legacy for the future generations because we believe architecture is a process of designing the future.

Ar. Adithya. G. Kashyap – Founder and Director

Adithya G. Kashyap founding partner and principal architect for the firm, has overseen all aspects of the design and construction administrative process of projects that include: Residential apartments, custom residential villas, hotels, commercial complex, Institutional buildings, Interior design projects. He is a firm believer that design should be unique to the site as well as the client and seeks to create enduring and appropriate buildings that positively influence users on a daily basis. Being passionate about design, he delivers guest lectures at architecture colleges and enjoys interacting with students. He loves challenges and maintains an innovative approach to our work.

Ar. Sharada Seshadri – Co-Founder and Design Head

Sharada Seshadri takes keen interest in sustainable design solutions that result in lower energy usage and increased comfort for building owners & occupants. Sharada, is a gold medalist and holds a master’s degree from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. She had been briefly teaching climatic design to architecture students. She has also worked with Center for Sustainable Technology (CST), IISC Bangalore on many cost effective and sustainable construction projects. As the Design Head, she overlooks the conceptual and developmental design process and is in charge of the design management at our studio.

Architecture and Interior Design is a conscious process by which designers attempt to propose and create an appropriate built environment for the desired programmatic requirements. It involves measured mindful plunging into thought process today for a better tomorrow. Spaces, volumes, forms, materiality can give birth to a myriad thought, feelings, emotions parallel to the various musical ragas that can evoke nava rasas (9 emotions). In addition to fulfilling a functional and societal need, some of the architectural projects, even years after they are built, get centrally interwoven into the lives of infinite number of people creating a live canvas for their existence, thus etching lifelong potent memories.

The Design Studio section carries out a diverse range of work, frequently working as an integral part of the overall studio, designing specific building elements, but also developing products at a commercial and domestic scale such as, lighting products, furniture and more.


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