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Defining and giving meaning to spaces

Studio ADAPL predicts “identify spaces and give meaning”. Rooms are everywhere. Every person, every group, every system needs a space to live, work and grow. We enable the realization of your dream rooms and extend them to your personality, philosophy and requirements.

Architecture is what you make of empty spaces and the beauty of a space lies in how it is shaped to maximize its potential. Studio

ADAPL’s design approach is to keep it simple, functional, yet innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

Studio ADAPL has successfully completed multiple advanced residential, retail and hospitality projects since its inception, serving a specific segment of the corporate world.

“Architecture is that great living creative spirit which from generation to generation, from age to age, proceeds, persists, creates, according to the nature of man, and his circumstances as they change. that is really architecture.” — Frank Lloyd Wright, in the realm of ideas

“It is about creating buildings and spaces that inspire us, that help us do our jobs, that bring us together, and that become, at their best, works of art that we can move through and live in. and in the end, that is why architecture can be considered the most democratic of art forms.”—2011, USA President Barack Obama, Pritzker ceremony speech.

About Founder

Ajjay worked as a junior artist in Ar. in 1997 after receiving a Bachelor of Architecture from Mumbai University and a Gold Medal from Rizvi College of Architecture. Brinda Somaya, where he has worked on a variety of architectural and interior projects and hosted ‘Women in Architecture 2000plus’, a conference focusing on the work of women architects.

Diverging through architecture while assisting art director Bijon DasGupta is a step towards art in Bollywood. He worked as an art director in films such as Dhadkan, Aashique, Ek Rishta and Haan Mainay Bhi Pyaar Kiya Hai, and worked in various film and film industries.

Ajjay has also worked as a consultant at Ramoji Filmcity in Hyderabad, working with American art director David Woody to design and paint Hollywood locations. He led a team of 15 people: junior architects, scenographers, graphic designers and CAD designers to create the design, present the artwork, layout plans, fabrication and detailed drawings for the realization.

There he founded the design company “studio ADAPL”, which provides consulting services for interior, interior and exterior design solutions. The company specializes in luxury, industrial and hotel interior design campaigns. Works have been completed in Mumbai, Guwahati, Kolkata, Nagpur and Jabalpur.


Along with his leadership, Ajjay is also a scholar. He teaches architecture at the Rizvi College of Architecture in Mumbai. He teaches students in their final year thesis course. He received the 2015 “Best Teacher” award from the Association of Schools of Architecture Maharashtra in Design for basic design.

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