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Creating the best virtual experience of architectural designs in 3D format

Founded in 2006, Architype3D is a Mumbai-based company comprised of two talented, strong, and creative duos, Rohit Rohira and Rahul Rohira, who leads a team of 3D artists. We specialize in real photo architectural and interior 3D lighting for commercial, residential, and office areas. We offer a wide range of services from cutting-edge technology to stunning landscapes, 360° panoramic views, stereoscopic 3D, CGI and embedded video, lighting, and more research papers.

Our dedication to home design and a deep understanding of details, materials, textures, interior design and lighting drives us to create the best images and videos possible. We work with renowned architects around the world and carry out a variety of international and national projects. Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled benefits and services, along with a complete system that delivers true-to-life 3D visuals and animated videos, to satisfy your knowledge application and development needs.


FILM – Walkthrough & Animation

The film is a great way to express the feeling of the environment you want to create. It’s an opportunity to create memories that captivate viewers and make them feel irrational. Each camera frame is meticulously crafted to convey information, meaning, and thoughts to the viewer. You will be amazed watching the project with its unique cinematic and artistic prowess. It is the most creative of our products.

FILM – Motion Tracking, Compositing & Post Production

Motion tracking is a technology that helps you visualize what your finished architecture would look like in a real environment.

The process of merging 3D architecture with real drone film to create a smooth and realistic feel of it.

IMAGES – Photoreal 3D Renders

At the heart of our work are still images. We provide a realistic view of the proposed construction and act as a valuable tool in helping clients communicate complex design ideas. Our style involves a very high level of skill, with a strong emphasis on realistic presentation. This makes the project easy to understand and experiment with. For almost any project of any size, nothing is impossible.

IMAGES – Photomontage

The photomontage helps us visualize what the final architecture would look like in its real environment.

It is a process of combining 3D architecture with real drone photographs to create a realistic and seamless appearance.

VR – 360° Interactive Walkthrough & Tour

Discover areas you may not have seen before in photos or movies. 360-degree interactive or virtual reality puts you in control. Our virtual reality technology allows the viewer to navigate a virtual tour of the property. This technique is intended to provide the strongest possible representation of the final space. This unique system offers our clients the opportunity to promote their properties in a new and more effective way.


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