5. Rajesh Manpat, Founder _ CEO- ARKROBOT- Top 10 Karnataka Startups 2021

Simple Clever Disruptive

Introducing Arkrobot, the world’s most advanced and efficient automatic storage, and retrieval System! This cutting-edge Robotic Technology is currently offered to customers in the Indian Market to Industry segments such as E-commerce, Automotive, and Logistics. This cutting-edge and cost-effective robots’ technology is not only revolutionizing the logistics and manufacturing industries. Other businesses, such as trading and finance, which are critical and vital industry sectors, have already implemented automated bots. In the oil industry, software such as the Oil Profit trading system plays a key role

Gain a significant advantage over conventional automatic storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) in terms of reducing labor-intensive manpower, accuracy, and faster pick rates. The product is worldwide patent-pending and is all set to revolutionize the industry in 2016! Robotic technology is currently embedded in trading platforms like crypto superstars to make trading activities simple, much easier, and risk-free. This type of robot breaks the myth that the robots are too expensive and not user-friendly.

iFuture Robotics was established in 2016 after nearly a decade of experience as an Industrial Automation company. iFuture Robotics is an award-winning company at Make in India week and Qprize 2016, Mumbai has received the top spot among 500 Tech Startup.

iFuture Robotics is a company of professional and innovative engineers headed by Rajesh Manpat, a renowned National Medalist in Rifle Shooting and the inventor of Arkrobot (Patent Pending) & Elite Scorer (Patent Pending). They have an in-house R & D team with experienced engineers having hands-on experience in Industrial Automation, Robotics, and Machine Vision. They have a combined experience of over 30 years in designing and developing automation systems.

iFuture Robotics operates out of Bangalore, the Technology capital of India. They currently offer their products and solutions with ROHS compliance and in line with global safety standards. Arkrobot, a warehouse automation robot is currently offered to the Indian market, and they are looking to expand our offering into US and European Markets shortly.

Why them?

Arkrobot is a breakthrough in automatic order fulfillment technology for over a decade. With numerous patents pending, the technology is a unique solution suited for E-commerce and other Industries. They offer Arkrobot as a solution to clients ranging from startup to gigantic scale order fulfillment centers and automated warehouses. They have an in-house team of Engineers with core competencies in Software, Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering who are research-driven and problem solvers. They continuously upgrade their technology and offer their clients an early advantage over others.

They also believe in adding value to their clients by helping them in cutting their recurring expenditure and turning them into profit-making, fast-growing companies. With Arkrobot, they bring in the added value of unparallel speed and accuracy of order fulfillment leading to end customers’ enriched experience. They also help remove the headaches of backend Retail, logistics, warehousing, and turn labor-intensive tasks into advanced technology-led businesses for their customers.


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