What state-of-the-art technology does your diagnostic laboratory use?

Arpan Diagnostic center LLP is well known for its fast and practical approach to diagnosis and analysis of all sorts of medical test results. Our specialty lies in the areas of pathology, histopathology, and microbiology. We promise to provide our patients with the best technology and perfect diagnosis that they can rely on, our world-class equipment and cutting-edge methodologies make it more reliable.

Because diagnosis is the first step in identifying any medical condition, life-threatening or otherwise. Our first priority is to provide rapid delivery of results in the minimum time possible. we believe this is the fine line between life and death, and we put our lives on edge of the line to ensure that yours may be more comfortable and fuller of good health.

Arpan Diagnostic center LLP is a multi-branched diagnostic center. Each one of our facilities is equipped not only with the latest in technological innovations in medical diagnosis but also with a team of consummate professionals that includes pathologists, histopathologists, and microbiologists. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your clinical pathological, histopathological, and microbiological needs.

What differentiates your services from your contemporaries? What’s the best feedback that you have received?

  • Better Technology, Excellent results.
  • NABL accreditation and iso 9001:2015 accreditation
  • Clinopatho, histopatho & microbiological full range test menu in lab
  • Barcoded, Fully automated computerized lab
  • Qualified & experienced staff
  • Counselling & guidelines for patients
  • Hospital, Clinic & Home sample collection facility for 365 day open
  • Whole-body check-up (different) plans.
  • online report-Mobile Application for our Report delivery and access any time, no need to come to the lab even for the old report can see
  • Bed Side Blood GAS Analysis
  • Fully Automatic (No Pipetting At any Test)
  • Daily Control and Calibration
  • Fast report, Test TAT- turn around timeless than other

Most frequent feedback- very cooperative staff, excellent service, cleanliness, fast response Best feedback-When one patient come told that very nice place to visit here and we fully trust your lab even doctor write a test to another lab then also we come to your place for testing and your report is valid in European country also

What was the driving force behind the establishment of your laboratory? What idea propelled you towards the institution of this lab?

There are several laboratories in the city, but for diagnosing disease, people want precise findings, high quality, and rapid service. This was our guiding principle when we decided to open a lab. We do our hardest to provide high-quality results and prompt service, which distinguishes us in our field.

What is the current status of the Diagnostic Sector in India?

The diagnostic industry has emerged as a promising investment in India’s burgeoning healthcare sector, and it is one of the country’s fastest-growing services. Despite the presence of over 1 lakh labs, the Indian diagnostic sector is largely fragmented and under-penetrated.

Pathology testing and imaging diagnostic services are the two main divisions of the sector. Pathology testing necessitates the collection of blood, urine, and stool samples.

The sample is then analysed utilising laboratory equipment and technology in order to get valuable clinical information to aid in patient therapy. More complicated tests like computed tomography (CT) scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are part of the imaging diagnostic segment, as are other highly specialised tests like PET-CT scans.

Private diagnostic chains are projected to take the lead in the sector’s forward propulsion, providing superior and quality services, as well as a more accurate and diverse test menu, resulting in market share increases.

Tell us about yourself and your journey from the beginning including your experience in academia.

I mastered Pathology in 2004, soon after that, I served at Dhakaan hospital in Rajkot as a Pathologist. Later in 2007, I started Arpan Laboratory. Since then people started to recognize Arpan laboratory for its quality result and quick services. Gradually our dedication helped us to grow. In 2020 we established Arpan Diagnostic Centre LLP at Indira circle, Rajkot -Gujarat. This is our hard-working journey from 2007 to 2020 and on towards.

Tell us about the honors and achievements that your laboratory has received.

1) NABL accreditation
2) Facilitated by Police Commissioner for health check-up
3) Facilitated by Rajkot Gynaecological Society for participation in the cancer awareness program

Describe your laboratory’s contribution during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

  • We are doing all covid concern tests and handle OPD and indoor patients BY 24*7
  • The best part is we deliver the report within 4 hr. though heavy rush.
  • We do charity for a poor and needy patients
Founding Members: DR ANIL SAVALIYA
Company Strength: MORE THEN 25 EMPLOYEES

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