How to Start a Cab Business With Uber & Ola in 2023

Today’s profitable industry is taxi booking apps.

This concept has quickly taken off and increased online cab booking businesses globally thanks to mobile app development technologies.
The organizational structures of Ola and Uber are now well-known to all.

How will you make your firm stand out if you launch an online cab booking app?

If we analyze the business models of Uber and Ola, we may conclude that they have been evolving over time.
Since Uber was first introduced in 2009, they have significantly changed how its business is set up to accommodate the change.

Therefore, it is crucial to continue experimenting with original concepts for both older and newer taxi booking app firms.

How then do you launch a profitable online taxi booking business in this circumstance?
Without taking action, knowing your potential is not enough. You’ve always been aware of your potential as an entrepreneur, but you’ve been reluctant or doubtful of yourself. If you haven’t already noticed, India has entered an era of free enterprise and private firms.

India’s GDP is expected to rise by more than 11% between 2021 and 2022, faster than any other major global economy. Without startups and the entrepreneurial spirit, is it really possible? Not at all, no. So why not set aside your concerns and contribute to India’s success narrative.

Although they offer public transportation, Ola and UBER are two enormous, multi-national transportation corporations that give their customers the advantages and experience of private transportation. People choose their services primarily for those reasons, and they were successful in satisfying these needs by providing quick, inexpensive, simple, and hassle-free service around-the-clock.

Business Model of Ola and Uber

These cab aggregators operate under a straightforward fundamental business model. Through a company-owned mobile app, this connects commuters (customers) looking for on-demand taxis with the company’s driver-partners.
The business receives money in the form of commissions or fees assessed on each requested transportation. (Both of these cab services can be reserved via their individual websites.) So how many different options are there to work with UBER and Ola? What is the entire procedure, from beginning to end? Let’s investigate.
There are three Ways to Earn with Uber Drive Business:

Driver cum owner

You own a car, are ready to link it to Uber, and use it to commute.
Commercial driver under partner

Although you don’t own the vehicle, you want to drive on the Uber network. You are permitted to operate a car that belongs to an Uber non-driving partner.

If such a service is offered in your city, you can even decide to operate a commercial auto-rickshaw or motorbike/scooter.
Non-driving partner
Without using any self-driving technology, you own the car and connect it to the Uber platform, but you must oversee at least one driver.
You’re all set. Depending on your resources and income requirements, pick any one of the three.
Detailed Procedure
Step 1: Register for an Uber account by providing your name, phone number, email address, and city on the platform’s website.
Step 2: If you selected the first or third choice from the list above, you were directed to this page.
The second choice will lead you to this page if you select it.

Step 3: Create your account as instructed, which entails uploading all of the aforementioned document files. If you don’t already have them online, take a photo with your phone or scan it with a camera scanning app, then upload. All documents can be uploaded in the same way. Compared to standing in line at the office to turn in physical copies, it is much simpler and faster.

Step 4: Take your car to a nearby green light hub to activate your account. These hubs are places in a city where you have to take your car for inspection and other purposes. To find out the requirements in your city, join up.

Step 5: After setting up your account, you may look up all the details you need to know about working with Uber. Even better, you can receive assistance by calling their phone support line.

Things to think about before starting an Ola or Uber business

Although there isn’t a clear-cut answer, there is one that will unquestionably assist you in deciding whether to work with one or both of them. Here are two considerations.


You will undoubtedly receive a “fair” part of the rent, but will you receive both? Is it advantageous to use an Ola or Uber car attachment? You must be aware of both firms’ cost structures in order to provide a solution.

The source website claims that you must work for three to four hours just to break even, or to make enough money to avoid a loss. As a result, you will need to put in more than 3 hours every day of effort to turn a profit.

What if your own car is attached? Simply grab a piece of paper and a pen, then estimate your anticipated earnings after deducting all of the costs. You already have all the cost and pricing information.

You can use this very basic analysis as a starting point. However, it may undoubtedly assist you in creating a business or income plan that meets your unique needs.

Ease of operation & technological superiority
Your job satisfaction is directly influenced by these two elements. Give each careful thought. Ola appears to be superior to Uber in terms of app functionality and its daily payment option. Despite the fact that some might disagree, Uber generally costs less.
User reports, however, indicate that Ola and Uber operate differently in various cities. Therefore, before deciding between the two, conducting a site visit and research is the best course of action.
Ola and Uber both have big aspirations for the future. Ola wants to create mobility for a billion people, whereas Uber wants to be the leading urban mobility platform. Whoa! Why limit your dreams?