Renault Duster: Check Out the Exciting Comeback in India!

Get ready for the comeback of Renault Duster in India! Experience this powerhouse on Indian roads today!
The Renault Duster is making its triumphant return to India! After months of speculation and anticipation, car lovers can now rejoice in knowing that the iconic SUV is back. Get ready for a top-notch driving experience with all the comfort and convenience you’ve come to expect from this amazing vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at what the new Renault Duster has to offer!
Although it has not yet received official confirmation, we now know that the Duster will return in India. The firm “has not directly mentioned the Duster but has disclosed their future product plan for India,” according to Autocar India. Also present is a Duster or a Duster substitute.
It was suggested back in November of this year that the French multinational manufacturer, which now has a partnership with the Japanese automaker Nissan, might bring the illustrious Duster name back to India. Renault is really developing a new SUV that would be based on Renault-new Nissan’s CMF-B platform, contrary to earlier reports that said the business was going to revive the Duster in India. It is unknown if they would keep calling it the Duster or if a new name would be given to it.
Renault will be able to equip the new SUV and other vehicles based on this platform with additional cutting-edge parts and features thanks to this contemporary platform. It will support a range of body designs and engine setups, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and gasoline engines.
The CMF-B platform will be heavily localised to better meet the needs of the Indian automobile sector, according to the earlier stated. Additionally, it has been rumoured that the Bigster design could be used to create the upcoming Duster SUV. The Duster’s electric version will be created using the platform’s electric derivation, the CMF-B EV.
For those who don’t know, Renault’s subsidiary Dacia released the initial concept for the Bigster 3-row SUV back in 2021. The concept car’s front fascia had an aggressive design and a full-width grille that was the focal point. The front grille and Dacia’s distinctive Y-shaped headlight were combined in the most recent design.

The squared-off front bumper has two vertical air intakes in the centre of a big centre grille. It had LED lighting that appeared to be built into the grille. The vehicle’s wide wheel arches and massive 5-spoke alloy wheels gave the side profile the appearance of being a larger Duster SUV. Two Y-shaped taillights and a sleek tailgate with a huge Dacia symbol were also features of the Bigster concept.

The launch of the original generation Duster in India back in 2012 was a significant turning point for the company, so if the Renault Duster does make a reappearance there, it may benefit the French automaker a lot. The Koleos SUV and Fluence sedan, the company’s previous products in India, were more premium vehicles that were sold in a constrained number using the CKD process. The Duster, however, was the company’s first-ever mass-market product in that country. The Duster was the first midsize SUV with a monocoque architecture, which sparked the emergence of a whole new market segment that later attracted and was dominated by SUVs like the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos.
The Renault B0 platform, which served as the foundation for several vehicles including the Lodgy, Captur, and Duster from Renault as well as the Terrano and Kicks from Nissan, was also introduced with the Duster. This well-liked platform will be replaced by the upcoming CMF-B platform.
Renault Duster is making a return to India! This popular car from Renault has been a fan favorite for years and its comeback is sure to be celebrated by drivers all across the country. With great features, top-of-the-line safety standards, and affordability in mind, you won’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity!