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1. Jaisheela Padmanabhan Founder CEO Ascibe Healthcare Solutions Private Limited Top 10 Rising Startups in Chennai 2022 Edition2

The healthcare industry is upgrading its services to reach the last miles of the nation. India has recorded several startups that target the population that was left behind in this complete health benefits programme. Female entrepreneurs are leading some of these startups as they have witnessed problems at ground zero level.

We had an opportunity to interview one such visionary, Entrepreneur & Founder of Ascribe Healthcare Solutions   Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan. 


Reliable healthcare startup for smooth revenue cycle

As a first-generation entrepreneur, what challenges were on the path while establishing Ascribe Healthcare?

Being first in the history of my family to dive into the sea of doing business on my own, I got very little advice & support from my closest and most trustworthy people. Unlike in jobs where the boss and seniors mentor, there was nobody to guide me for quite some time. As a first-generation entrepreneur, there were no bridges connecting me to the world of business. It is just the hunger for something more passionate and meaningful that was and is driving me towards entrepreneurship. 

Building a strong team, retaining them and facing difficulties to pitch the ideas, values and vision to the team so that they are ready to work and stay with the company. 

Robust cash flow is essential for survival. Strong financial planning and budgeting were needed because, by the time the client pays the invoices, I had to ensure that I pay everything on time from employee salary and bills. While waiting to get paid, make it difficult to run a business smoothly.

Staying self-motivated, cool-headed and strongly determined during the times when every circumstance and situation is not in favor or a plan not working as expected. 

Tell us about your background.

I graduated with my degree in Physiotherapy; I also hold my credentials from the American association of professional coders. Recently, a few months ago, I graduated in clinical cosmetology and aesthetics. Along with my entrepreneur journey, I am pursuing my clinical practice. 

What made you enter the Healthcare technology industry?

The healthcare industry has evolved immensely over the years, and much of that change has been driven by technology. The transformative power of technology could obviously not be missing from the healthcare sector. Even though it is a sector requiring highly skilled individuals with many years of studies, it is also a very demanding one in infrastructure and tools.

And the timing couldn’t be better, as spending or working in this sector is increasing at a rapid rate.

What are your Goals & Objectives?

My goals are to “GO-Global” and to build the business strong enough in revenue that it will continuously support the education of 10000 children. Not just a first-generation entrepreneur, I am also a first-generation female graduate. In my life, it’s only the education that gave me the success and truly transformed my life and I want to give the same hope and share the light with the less privileged. I strongly believe in working with transparency, integrity and generosity.  

Tell us about your services. 

Ascribe Healthcare Solutions, a revenue cycle management expert; we render superlative healthcare billing & coding solutions to clients through a reliable outsourcing model. Our services include: Doctor’s credentialing, EFT Enrolment, Eligibility and Benefits Verification, Medical Coding, Patient Demography, Charge Entry, Payment Posting, AR and Denial Management, Insurance appeal and its process, Medical records review, Medical records summarization, Daily Report preparation and management.

We are a core value-driven company with global clients in India, USA, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Hong Kong and Australia. 

Year of Founding:


Founding Members: 


Office Locations: 

Chennai- India, Delaware-USA, Dubai- UAE.

Company Strength: 

100 +



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