Ashrith Consulting Private Limited

10.Ashu Gupta, Managing Director- Ashu Gupta, Managing Director-Top 10 Promising Startups in Education Technology 2022

Ashrith consulting has been focusing and investing in key technologies & partnering with some of the best global companies. They bring to your cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and consulting. Their team is continuously working on optimizing solutions that are scalable with investment protection providing them with clear visibility.

Ashrith Consulting is an India-based organization that provides a broad range of services such as Manpower Solutions, Strategy Planning, Marketing, IT Services, Management Consulting, Health Care, Education & Skill Development, and Immigration Services. They have been focusing and investing in key Technologies & Partnering with some of the best global companies. They enable Cutting-edge Technologies/Solutions through global tie-ups and provide professionally trained & high caliber personnel to our clients in India and abroad.

At Ashrith Consulting they offer the full range of AC Drives solutions for all complex drive applications. Ashrith Consulting delivers complete drive solutions across industry verticals like paper, metals, material handling, marine, water, food and beverage, mining and minerals, cement, power, and fine chemicals. They, at Ashrith Consulting, ensure you get the best possible AC-drive solutions without compromises and find the best outcome for your process requirements.

Their Services:

  • IT Services: They are a leading global IT services, consulting solutions provider company that help global enterprises re-imagine and transform their businesses through Digital technology transformation. The Company harness the power of emerging technologies to help their clients.
  • Educational & Skill Development: They have been providing skilled-oriented professional training programs in various emerging technologies to empower them with industries’ required skill set in various domains.
  • Corporate Training: They have been providing individual and corporate training in Different Sectors like IT, Sales and Marketing, HR, etc. They also provide information to Industrialists and Entrepreneurs to jump-start their careers and start their businesses.
  • Skilled Manpower Solutions: Under Ashrith Consulting’s mission they are committed to providing global opportunities for skilled youth in India to provide them work opportunities in various countries through professional ties-ups with employers in various industries.

They have extensive experience in providing integrated automation and information solutions with the CFR 21 Chapter 11 compliance. These solutions help life science manufacturers achieve greater efficiencies, lower life-cycle costs, maintain product quality and adhere to strict cGMP requirements.
By applying advanced technologies and improvements in manufacturing efficiency, they can help you convert this effort into higher-quality products, less rework, increased profits, and a distinct competitive advantage.

Their Vision is to be their clientele’s desired organization for consulting, technology integration and managed services. The Mission is to aim at maximizing value while minimizing costs, through endlessly integrating resources, processes, and technologies, thereby becoming a top Consulting organization.


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