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“ASSAY is a technology driven company, focusing on developing innovative tools and software solutions for running clinical trials, as we believe in efficiency through technology and expertise. “

Assay Clinical Research: Creating one-of-a-kind software solutions and tools of unrivalled quality and efficiency ASSAY provides cutting-edge clinical trial management systems based on cutting-edge technology. We devise strategies for conducting a clinical study in the most successful and efficient manner possible. Pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device firms, as well as other CROs, vendors, and healthcare professionals, can benefit from our personalised approach.

ASSAY with its global presence is a service provider of innovative and technologically advanced solutions for clinical trial management for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. We also extend our services to clinical research organizations who require tailored services for managing their clinical trials.

We focus on developing effective strategies for the collection, management and analysis of clinical data. With us, we guarantee that Sponsors, CROs and Sites can gain access to the best services for Phase I-IV clinical studies, study management and site management. We also ensure that the best skills and experiences are put in place to achieve the milestones efficiently. Together we can aim to achieve maximum patient safety and accurate data generation with highest quality and regulatory standards.

Established in the UK in the year 2012, ASSAY Clinical Research started with a group of clinical research professionals who have been providing a variety of services for the pharmaceutical industry and other clinical research organizations. Gradually, ASSAY has gained recognition for its quality, timely services with affordable costs. Our services were quickly extended to European regions and India. With the deadly outbreak of Ebola and the need to test the vaccines, ASSAY was chosen for project management, data management and monitoring services and these services in Sierra Leone.

With growing number of research activities around the globe, it is increasingly essential to keep up with the quality and timelines to save potential lives and curb the budget. With ever changing dimensions of research companies and the demand for therapeutic specific experience, the challenges to find the right resources has suddenly become massive leading to a demand and supply issue. ASSAY is here to help you with this.

Our experienced team of project managers, clinical research associates and in-house team will be able to understand your challenges and needs in a time efficient manner and plan out the CAPA for you and implement it at any level which may be considered appropriate (Site Level, CRO level, Sponsor level, Country level, Region level or Global).

” We have in-depth-experience in delivering clinical trial management services which together with our innovative technology, provides efficient and high quality solutions. “


ASSAY aims to become global leaders and pioneers in in delivering our services of clinical trial management together with technology, and be the first to become a futuristic clinical research organisation


Patient Safety and Quality Data are of utmost importance for ASSAY. We achieve these through implementing the right resources and technologies for managing trials, ensuring that our collective experiences make the maximum contribution to the success of a clinical trial.

Sudharshan M. Chandran Managing Director

Despite the fact that technological advancements have resulted in a significant increase in the number of top-notch software solutions and study-specific tools, many clients adjust to the available resources by compromising on their requirements, paying higher costs, and thus disliking undesirable outcomes. Unlike others, UK-based ASSAY Clinical Research (with an IT team in Chennai) handholds clients in consultation, development (in-house), and maintenance of software solutions and electronic tools in line with their project requirements, resulting in greater triadic efficiency.

“Because our clients have not explored clinical trials in specific regions (despite owning a known patient population), we assist them in this process through our presence in numerous unexplored regions of the world and expertise in setting up a bespoke team for each study,” explains Sudharshan M. Chandran, Managing Director, ASSAY. ASSAY has built a position for itself in strategic planning since its inception in 2012.

For phase I to IV clinical trials, process creation or rebuilding the framework, rescue studies, recruitment strategies, and project management are all necessary. Recognizing the value of resources in the customers’ business, its Strategic Resourcing team, dubbed ‘V-Share,’ delivers consulting and the proper resources, regardless of the size or scope of their project.

In addition to planning and implementing risk management strategies and measures to improve quality in accordance with the scenario/study, it also conducts additional site and CRA quality assessment visits to countries with the greatest risks/concerns, ensuring that risk factors are eliminated and a strong CAPA is established. Furthermore, it develops academic programmes using state-of-the-art 3D animated visuals through its ‘ASSAY Academy’ programme for aspiring science/medical professionals while utilising offshore teams in India for any study in data management and pharma covigilance.

Technology’s Twist

GRAVITY (document management), PROMPT (electronic patient-reported outcome system), CREATIVE (interactive study portal), UNITE (robust Clinical Trial Management System), STAR (e-Feasibility Management System), GAIN (Learning Management System), SPACE (Time & Invoice Management System), and ASSAY Apps are some of the custom softwares and tools developed by ASSAY. ASSAY assures that these softwares and tools are created on a sturdy, user-friendly, efficient, and innovative platform ornamented with intuitive, customizable, and reliable systems in tune with the newest technology with the help of an expert in-house IT team.

ASSAY also deploys pharma covigilance teams with medical monitors to monitor patient data and safety management systems to identify any safety issues/risks, adhering to national and international laws for each clinical trial and organisations such as the US FDA, MHRA, DCGI, and ICH-GCP.

Assay’s primary goal of ‘Quality and Efficiency’ is infused throughout. Its 70+ employees are kept up to date on the latest trends and technology by exchanging webpages, having group discussions, and attending formal training sessions. Eventually, ASSAY covered the Sub-Saharan region for clinical trials and provided free-of-charge training programmes in West Africa to mould the naive into clinical research specialists, in addition to re-monitoring the data for a Phase III rescue study of Fabry Disease.

With a revenue rise of 35% in 2017, ASSAY has restructured its business development tactics, expanded its customer base, and continues to support innovative software and projects, all of which point to increasing revenue in 2018. It is also focusing on establishing the necessary software systems and tools for its patient-centric software ‘PROMPT’ by seamlessly updating all of its services in tandem with client input and user experiences.

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