ATAI: Applied AI for the Logistics Industry

What is ATAI?

ATAI Labs Pvt Ltd is an applied AI firm that is a pioneer in Digital Transformation for the Supply Chain and Logistics industries, to create novel business models that allow customers to be secure and accountable when making major capital expenditures. ATAI provides complete end-to-end applied AI solutions, including AI algorithms, sensors (cameras, location sensors, wireless mesh networks (LoRa, 5G, etc.), Lidar and Radar), and other cutting-edge technologies.

‘’The AI Way’’ – Their Unique Style

ATAI has developed a systemic approach for designing, architecting, process rehashing, and implementing a solution for a given business problem based on their deep understanding of technology, business environment, and human psychology while keeping the core purpose of a business transformation as a central theme. They refer to this as “The AI Way”. It encompasses the following points:

  1. Determining the most important business objectives.This exercise is carried out on a business level, with a clear goal in mind. This serves as a compass for the organization’s AI adoption journey, as well as a way to set the tone for the cultural transition.
  2. Process & technique “as-is”This aids us in comprehending and appreciating the existing situation. This is one of the most difficult aspects of the entire workout. It serves as a myth buster for various processes and procedures, in addition to knowing the current situation.
  3. Heat mapThis aids in prioritization and the development of a true ROI model for this activity. This necessitates the use of digitalization and intelligence software.
  4. PilotThis step allows the company to obtain a sense of the true value of AI. The pilot must be carefully chosen because it provides: (a) Confidence in the technology to management as well as numerous impacted stakeholders, and (b) Aids in understanding the unspoken requirements of various stakeholders.
  5. Execution of the ProgramA big bang approach, which might disrupt or confound larger teams and the current business, is strongly discouraged. This stage should also be used to re-orient and train selected teams. They can bring in high-quality inputs to assure product quality. The solution should be put through its paces in a real-world setting. This knowledge is also applied to the creation of rollout training materials.
  6. RolloutThis is the part of the solution rollout where the rubber meets the road. This is preceded by a training program for all stakeholders who will be affected.
  7. Continual EducationUnlike previous technologies, AI-based solutions evolve by self-learning from changing environments and conditions, which necessitates continual data monitoring and AI model finetuning.

ARAI’s Solutions for the Maritime industry

By merging their edge platform, machine learning models, and application software, ARAI’s technology streamlines maritime operations while also implementing infrastructures such as I-frames, boom barriers, and outdoor weatherproof cameras.

ARAI offers the following solutions for the maritime industry:

  1. Container Survey
    • Container number and ISO code
    • Seal detection
    • Health Survey
    • Hazard category
  2. Vehicle Tracking System
    • Number plate recognition
    • Route mapping
    • Speed alerts
    • Last known location
  3. Gate Control
    • Minimize waiting time
    • Integrated direction guidance
    • Congestion control by streamlining vehicle
    • Manual override available
    • Integrated control for boom barrier, traffic lights, and kiosk
  4. Container Stack Management
    • Visual guidance for RTGS operator
    • Container number Recognition
    • Container location provider
    • Container tracker
    • Collision avoidance
  5. Reefer Yard Management
    • Container number recognition
    • Reefer temperature monitoring
    • Alert generation
  6. Yard Safety Solutions
    • Personal protection gear detection
    • Vehicle traffic management at QC
    • Vehicle alignment system for accurate loading and unloading
  7. Container Survey at Quay Crane
    • Dynamic lane detection
    • Container number and ISO code
    • Seal detection
    • Health survey
    • Hazard category
  8. Wharf Safety Solutions
    • Personal protection gear detection
    • Vehicle traffic management at QC
    • Vehicle alignment system for accurate loading and unloading
  9. Monitoring Shore Cranes
    • Number of grabber swings
    • Tonnage of each grab
  10. Stockpile Management
    • Volumetric measurement
    • Monitoring temperature and moisture for coal yards
    • Monitoring hazardous conditions
    • Ensuring safety while loading and unloading
  11. Vehicle tracking
    • License plate detection
    • Vehicle access control system
    • Loading and unloading status
    • Location, route, and speed tracking
  12. Bagging
    • Rake loading count
    • Bag type detection
    • Damage detection
    • Bag loading count
    • Bags filled and sealed
    • Bags not loaded

Gangadhar Gude, CEO

Gangadhar started his career in the semiconductor industry when he was 18 years old, and in 2018, he created ATAI Labs Pvt.Ltd, an Applied AI firm that works with edge devices. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Osmania University and a master’s degree in VLSI from JNTU. Before launching ARAI, he worked for AMD Inc. as a methodology architect and subsequently co-founded INVECAS, where he sharpened his talents in designing end-to-end technologies. With a ten-year career under his belt, Gangadhar is a firm believer in the power of passion combined with purpose. And it was with this credo and vision that he launched ARAI, a company that delivers applied AI solutions to supply chain logistics and business-oriented needs, to integrate technology for improved product and service enhancement.

Industry Computer Software
Company size 50-200 employees
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana
Type  Privately Held
Founded 2018

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