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3. Tarun Mehta, Co-Founder _ CEO- Ather Energy- Top 10 Karnataka Startups 2021

Eletricfying your boring drive

Ather Energy was started in 2013 by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain, two engineering graduates straight out of college with the audacity to dream and challenge the well-established Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and replace it with an electric drive. They built India’s first smart and connected electric scooters, the Ather 450 product line because they believe that’s where the future of personal mobility is headed. Ather is one of the few start-ups in India, specifically within the automotive industry, to have products & services that are an amalgamation of clean design & engineering – Hardware & Software. Today, our product offerings include the Ather 450X & Ather 450 Plus, Public & private charging Infrastructure, and innovative ownership plans. They are also building a complete ecosystem for India’s electric vehicles – powered by indigenous design and all locally manufactured. They are expanding their footprint across the country and will be in about 30 cities in the coming months.

Ather has grown exponentially in the last few years, with thousands of scooters on the road. It has truly been a remarkable journey, having started with a few hundred scooters in Bengaluru alone, to more than 29 cities across the country.

With all the learning accumulated the technology under the hood (the connectivity, the software, and the cloud) has seen massive advancement too. “The Data Platform” on the cloud has moved from processing a few GBs of data 2 years ago to now processing close to 100TB in real-time.

The Range of the Problems at Hand:

Before addressing the problems at scale, I would like to quickly go through Ather’s use-cases that the data platform caters to, and split them into three categories:

  1. Customer-facing features and value additions: Ride statistics gives a snapshot of the ride on the app, right after the user ends the ride. Ather Labs platform enables unique data-driven experiences building on vehicle connectivity and intelligence
  • Diagnostics and Monitoring: Each device works like telemetry, it allows our service and engineering teams to monitor, identify and diagnose issues remotely via our internal application stack.
  • Research and Development: For newer features on the cloud and newer generations of the bike as well, the data from the fleet define our learning baseline and enable our teams to build better and unique features, with a faster turnaround time.


  1. 450X: Engineered ground-up with a singular focus on performance, the Ather 450X is a sheer joy to ride. Out accelerate everyone with a twist on the throttle, cruise at top speeds, and criss-cross across the city on a single charge.
  • 450They have designed the Ather 450 and everything around it from scratch to offer an exhilarating ride and a hassle-free ownership experience.

The day is not far when all commute will be electric. And they want to make sure that they bring that future forward with Ather Grid – an extensive public charging network in your city. Ather Grid is already live in Bengaluru & Chennai with multiple charging points across both cities. In the coming months, they will be expanding Ather Grid to Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, NCR, and Pune. Charging at Ather Grid is open for all-electric vehicles. Not just the Ather 450 & Ather 450X.

The automobile industry is amid a huge technological disruption. Today, electricity is the preferred choice because of its inherent efficiency that will shape urban commute and the cities of tomorrow. In parallel, the world around us is getting connected, enabling the integration of devices and making our life experiences seamless. Intelligent vehicles will revolutionize our commute experience in the future and the Ather 450 stands at the cusp of this exciting reality.


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