8. Keshav Sharma, Co-Founder _ CEO- Augrade- The 10 Best Leaders in AR and VR Industry 2022

At Augrade they work to rethink tomorrow and improve the way we live, every day. They want to change the way people experience & interact with technology, to make personal computing – wearable, so no matter where you are you can do anything. So, the design, development, market & distribution of Wearable AR/VR devices & empower you to Re-think Tomorrow. They do that by either blending your digital & physical worlds or by taking you in an immersive environment so you can do more & with less. They are always on the lookout for talented people who want to help, empower and entertain consumers with their skills and knowledge.

It’s 2021 and we are still in our 2D screens. They want to improve our life by changing the way we experience & interact with technology and make Life Easier, Better & more Entertaining, where you get a personalized experience like never.

They stand for:

  • Innovation & Differentiation: Everyone is unique, and we all want a better and easier life. They believe in creating the most innovative products & services to help, entertain & empower you and that can’t be done with “me-too” products.
  • Convenience & Personalisation: They are here to make your physical life more convenient and your digital life more personalized, like never. Don’t just see, experience the future, first-hand. After all, wouldn’t it be better if we could get everything quick and personalized to our liking?
  • Privacy & Security: Privacy to our life and data is our right and they make sure to protect yours whilst giving you the personalized experience, like no one else.

They believe technology should act as an extension, to humans. So that technology fades into the background enabling them to achieve far more than possible by eliminating current technological & innovative barriers. This, in turn, would in how we live our daily life with convenience, Personalisation & style.

They are here to help make your life easier by changing the way you experience & interact with technology, to help you do a lot more with a lot less. To make technology seamlessly integrate into our lives, so they can do anything, anywhere & anytime so you can reach their true potential whilst ensuring their commitment towards sustainable and environmentally friendly technology.

By changing the way experience and interact with technology, they plan to revolutionize your lifestyle. Their augmented reality glass and virtual reality headsets are designed to augment human intelligence so that people can realize their full potential and do anything they want, anytime & anywhere.


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