Avayaya Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Profound in delivering best use of all resources

Avaya Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. operates in the Renewable Energy business since 2015 and provides both Solar PV Energy-related Consultancy and Services to their client through Dealers, Distributors, Channel Partners, and Project Sales. They manufacture complete turnkey solutions for On-Grid and Off-Grid Power Plants. Solar DC/AC Street Lights and Solar Water Pumps for their customers across India. Their team consists of domain experts. Leaders and skilled professionals who mainly provide solutions. The company aims to establish itself as a world leader in innovative technologies. To meet the growing demand for Embedded Systems, they believe in high-quality services and building good relationships with customers.

Thus, they have a highly satisfied customer base who always comes to them for their every need related to their domain. They have a very capable team which includes the Solar R&O team and the Customer Support team. their consultants include celebrities from industry to academia to diseases.

They deploy world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects around the world. The highly skilled and dedicated EPC team at Avaya Solar Solutions Pvt Ltd. Ltd. ensures to complete each solar plant from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance for the complete lifetime of the solar plant.

How is solar energy produced?

  • Inverter: An inverter then converts the DC electricity into 240-volt alternating current (AC} electricity that is suitable to power the appliances in your home.
  • Power for your Home: Your home first uses electricity from a solar-generated system. If your power usage exceeds the available supply from the vane. Your system gets additional power from the power network.
  • Monitoring Usage: A meter is used to monitor the electricity used from the electricity network as well as the electricity supplied by your home to the network.
  • Excess Energy: If your solar module system produces more electricity than you use, the excess electricity is exposed to the power network.

Why choose them?

  • Emergency Backup
  • Peak Shaving
  • Renewable
  • Demand Response
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Home Appliance

Their products:

  • Hybrid
  • On-grid
  • Off-grid
  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels
  • Solar Street Lighting Systems


Avaya Solar Solutions are passionate about contributing to the world. which is not dependent on electricity from fossil fuels. Sustainable global economic growth requires credibility. Cost-effective and quickly scalable energy solution. Avaya Solar is a global hi-tech company and was established to provide these solutions, With a global installed base of over 100 GWp, they believe that solar power is now mainstream. ‘Today’s viable technology to make a move towards the zero-emissions power supply. They aim to provide high-value-added solutions to their clients by building upon their strong foundation in photovoltaic manufacturing.

Website- https://avayayasolar.in/

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