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4. Sanjay Sharma, Managing Director- Aye Finance- The 10 Most Promising Finance Companies In India 2022

Changing the Standard of Micro Enterprises

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Aye Finance is a new-age finance company providing business loans to small and micro enterprises across India. Since 2014 they have continued to chart an exciting growth path in this under-banked segment while maintaining a high benchmark for credit quality. These millions of profitable small and micro businesses are, essentially, locked out of the financial system. They believe they can overcome this financing challenge and unlock a massive business opportunity while creating a transformative social impact.

Their team brings together the best of many worlds – sound business practices, a deep understanding of the micro-enterprise environment, high achievement orientation, and a passion for delivering socio-economic growth. They believe in building solutions, automation, and processes that address the challenges that have typically stymied the financial industry.

Aye Finance is dedicated to working with the most relevant technology to facilitate better financial inclusion and to consequently serve micro-enterprises across the country in a more holistic manner. Ultimately, at Aye Finance, they believe in people – whether it’s the entrepreneurs they serve, their investors, or their employees. They’re, both, a great place to work with and work for.

Why Aye Finance?

  • Easy Documentation: They work with minimum financial documents which also include informal documents.
  • Transparent Pricing: There are no hidden fees. They will always be upfront about their costs.
  • No Guarantor Required: You do not have to depend on others to get a loan.
  • Service At Your Doorstep: Their staff connects with you at your business place or residence.
  • Multiple Channels: You can connect with them through their wide branch network, their field staff, or through their centralized contact center.
  • Cluster-based Lending: They understand your business well. They have the experience of lending to 5 sectors and 100+ clusters.

Today they have branches spread across 18 states in India.  They work with about 100 clusters across the country. Each one of them has different business models, cash flows, and markets.  They have lent to over 200,000 customers. They have thousands of employees helping these customers pursue their dreams. They have been on the leader board when it comes to customer satisfaction scores (NPS) and employee satisfaction scores (GPTW).

Their mission is to provide innovative and customer-centered financial services to micro and small businesses through a knowledgeable team, effective technology, and robust processes, to power their growth into new-age India.

Website- https://ayefin.com/

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