Ayusewa: Emergency Ambulatory Services for Prompt Delivery of Healthcare



AyuSewa Emergency Rescue Service is an initiative to bring Rapid Response Team with advanced critical care to save human life from at the site of mishap by using early gold-directed therapy & the golden hour concept. Their mission is to save lives by providing emergency care through excellence in administrative stewardship, strategic initiative, educational innovation & practice-changing research. Their vision is to increase the availability of advanced ICU set-up vehicles in every Panchayat of India which can stabilize the patient on the spot with the high-end equipment in these vehicles. If required these patients can be shifted to a nearby hospital with higher excellence. Their core values are Critical Thinking, Advocacy, Professionalism, Collaboration, Integrity & Transparency

Their Effort to stay relevant

Through collaboration with industry experts, data capturing/analytics of their daily operations & industry available data they strive to bring continuous innovation in their processes, Agility in the workforce, usage of Information Technology, the study of ever-evolving medical field approaches in emergency care are parameters which brought their organization to the top.

The Founder’s Inspiration

In India, many lives are being lost due to the unavailability of immediate quality emergency care. Many people are still unaware of the importance of the “Golden Hour” for the treatment of emergency cases like accidents, stroke, heart attack, etc. Around 1.6 million Indians died in 2016 due to unavailability or poor emergency care which is increasing year over year. This sector is purely unorganized in India, which brings an opportunity to organize it and deliver quality & authentic service. Every life saved brings energy & motivation for them to continue.

Why should you choose them?

1. Rapid Response to Emergency Situations

2. High end-medical equipment

3. Experienced & Trained Medical Team

4. Continuous tracking of Advanced Life Support Vehicles

5. Continuous tracking of Medical Team on Duty

6. Provisioning of Tele-medicine facility for patients in vehicles & remote areas

7. Network of 832 ICU Road Ambulance

8. Network of 1438 Nursing & Emergency medical technicians

9. Network of 23 Aircraft for Air Ambulance

10. Providing Emergency Ambulances within 15 Minutes in the Cities they are Serving

Their Strategy

In the current scenario, this industry is very unorganized; few people are rendering emergency rescue service but lack of professionalism, training & stewardship is making patient family members suffer and unsatisfied by service provided. Ayusewa is bringing a paradigm shift in this sector through Continuous Innovation, Inclusion of Information Technology, Research, Professionalism, Transparency & Integrity.

Vikash Kumar, Managing Director

Vikash Kumar (born 30 December 1982 in Patna) is an Indian Entrepreneur. He is the founder of AyuSewa Emergency Rescue Service, He was born in Barh, Patna, Bihar to his father a farmer, and mother, a housewife. Coming from traditional farming family background, Vikash worked in IBM, TCS, Fujitsu as an Enterprise Architect. He had international exposure of working in USA, UK & Middle East Countries. He spent 14 years in the software industry and left 50 LPA jobs to start his own company. He had a memory of his village where people died due to a snake bite, bike accident, blood loss, and another minor medical emergency where readily available emergency services could have saved a precious life. Due to this reason, he started an ambulance service in 2019 for making the patient move to the nearest hospital, down the line, he understands there is a huge gap in demand and supply of quality emergency services. So he started making a group of individual ambulance providers, arranged high-end medical equipment, arranged training programs for individuals in local areas to work as emergency medical technicians. This prototype was then replicated in different cities under AyuSewa Emergency Rescue Services banner. In Covid-19 he served many patients directly due to a lack of medical staff & drivers to provide medical facilities in the home or move the patients to hospitals. He always says one line to all fellow co[1]workers “If You Save a Person Life, He/She will Always Remember You”. The tag line of the company is “We Hope You Don’t Need Us, But In Need, We Will Be There For You Quickly”

Their Suggestion to Readers

As human beings, we should always be humble & helpful. They urge their readers to help people who need urgent medical help, without worrying about the outcome. “If you know you can help please do, if you think you cannot help a person needing medical attention at least call emergency numbers it will save a person’s life, nothing is more satisfying than saving a person’s life.”

  • Year of Founding: 2019
  • Funding Information: Seed fund from Appolo Health Care, Techno Serve & DFY Info Solutions.
  • Founding Members: Vikash Kumar, Avinash Ranjan, Anurag Anand, Anuranjan Sinha, Nikita Deepak
  • Office Locations: Patna, Bihar | Gaya, Bihar | Muzaffarpur, Bihar | Ranchi, Jharkhand | Dhanbad, Jharkhand | Guwahati, Assam | Kolkata, West Bengal | Bangalore, Karnataka
Company Strength 78 Team members
Industry Health, Wellness & Fitness
Company size 501-1,000 employees
Headquarters Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh
Type Public Company
Founded 2020
Website: www.ayusewa.com

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