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Below are the highlights of the conversation between Swiftnlift Business Magazine and Bamboooz. The company was founded in the year 2016 by Indrani Mukherjiee & Samrat Saha. We are glad to share this exclusive interview with all the readers.

Tell us about your company. Its vision and mission.

The manufacturing start-up company was formed with the mission of manufacturing world class beautiful environment-friendly products which add to the wellness of the consumer, sustainable, durable and 100% Biodegradable products. We intend to lower the use of Plastic for our consumers. We had been a Zero waste Company not adding to any landfill or Disposal in our 3-4 years of operation. We intend to uphold the Ethics of the company and the brand. We employ the most neglected community of Artisans from the remotest part of the country who are trained with modern technology and machinery. We would like to work with more such communities to bring Sustainable development to our country.

What were the constraints you faced while starting with the company?

The Company was formed and within months Demonetization was declared, followed by the GST Migration. But we turned it into an opportunity. We focused on Product Design, Product Development, the establishment of Supply Chain, Availability of raw material. The time span of almost 16-18 months helped us streamlining our Backend.

The Other Constraint was the operating fund. Manufacturing Startups normally is an inventory based entity where the production should continue irrespective of the orders and on top facing the challenge of delayed payments. Change in Payment policy and pouring of founders savings helped us sail thru these constraints.

What incident influenced your career choice?

The Founders being Civil Engineers and Environmental Engineers already started working with Bamboo and other Sustainable materials and had completed almost 60 projects. Many Innovations and accolades followed in.It was when one of the founders bought a Bamboo vegetable Cutting Board from a Store, which opened up in 30 days. It was appalling to see that the Board was of waste Wood dust sandwiched with Bamboo Skin. This was the 1st inspiration for the founders to enter into manufacturing to empower Indian Consumers with Good Products. The market Research with IIM Shillong & IIM Nagpur helped us understand that there was no Indian replacement for these imported products.

Tell us about your products.

Bamboooz is a Brand associated mainly with the Priority of Health and Wellness, Distinctly Eco-friendly and 100% Biodegradable. We are mainly in the arena of Home & Kitchen. We manufacture Kitchen tools, Kitchen Essentials of Different varieties and now entering into Personal care. All our Products are plastic Replacement, all Natural, without any Polish and Colour. Our Products are designed by our Team of Designers keeping functionality in mind and the essence of our products which is Environment friendly, Sustainable, Good for health and 100% Biodegradable. We are now exporting to different parts of the globe. Our manufacturing process all customized and critically checked for quality.

How do you stand different from those who are already into this business?

Indian Consumers are now seeing a surge in Eco-Products. But they hardly know that the products are waxed for a Beautiful Finish. We don’t concentrate on the looks rather on the functionality, quality and naturalness of the product without any toxins. Our Products are all tested and now we have passed thru the strict USFDA tests. Quality and ethics are our prime Strength. We also employ the most vulnerable Artisan groups whether directly or as our vendors from the remotest part of India. Sustainability is not the product alone, but the flow of revenue to the bottom of the pyramid.

How do you stay updated with the recent trends?

As far as product quality and product design and functionality go we are always updated since we export. We get to manufacture the latest items in the area of Home and Kitchen for our overseas customers.

Although there are quite a few products that we have not launched for Indian consumers studying the behavioural difference and consumer needs comparing the Indian household and a western household.

What is your strategy to reach customers?

We have a strong presence online and offline, especially in the organized retail. All our products are having descriptive Message to the consumer.

We intend to take up the online videos of Product Care. That’s very important when you make a Natural product; you need to educate your consumers on how to take care of the product. The Dos and Don’ts. That would be a campaign for our regular consumers and our new consumers whom we are adding on a daily basis.

What would you say are your main influences when conceiving a Product?

First of all the product should conform to our Brand ethics. Next, what influences are the Design and functionality of the product? The Product should help our consumers with the least maintenance? That’s a Motto we try to infuse in the design- Simple and easy to maintain.

Tell us something about your achievements and recognition?

We have been able to Give Indian Consumers an Indian Brand to rely on. That’s possibly the biggest achievement so far. We have won almost 14 awards including 3 from the USA. We have been recognized for many Innovations in the field of Product application of Bamboo in the field of Vehicle Bodybuilding, alternative Building materials etc. Articles had been published on our work in many countries like Singapore, the USA including India.

What are your upcoming products?

We are bringing in More Sizes, Qualities and alternative Products which can replace plastics. We develop size, Shapes and Varieties keeping in Mind the functionalities and the essence of the product and the ethics of the company. We are entering the personal care Essentials where the Indian Consumers will have more choice of alternatives. We are not directly into Soaps. But we would offer a Soap Dish which is Long-lasting, Aesthetic and 100% Biodegradable. Even Soap in touch with Plastic turns acidic.

Why not an alternative at an affordable rate?

We are also coming up with High-end Kitchen and Home Needs Articles which is available to consumers in Western Countries.

We are now looking forward to wooden, Stone and Earthen alternatives in this arena. We request our consumers to wait for the next big launches.

Year of Founding Founded in 2016, Started Operations in Early 2018
Funding Information Raised Seed Fund of Around 100,000 USD
Founding Members Indrani Mukherjee & Samrat Saha
Office Locations Bangalore, India
Company Strength Team of around 20
Sources and references

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