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“Specialist in customised chocolate design”

A wife and husband Sravani Bodempudi and Satya Vasireddy started a business as business partners ventured into lovelychocos and managed business with their funds. Sravani looks after making area and delivers lovely orders on day to day basis and finance. Satya handles stock procurement and marketing. Lovelychocos personalize chocolates based on your gifting moment and taste. They started as the first customized online chocolate store in India and now moved their brand into Bellyjoy foods Pvt ltd and expanded their brand globally.

The unique customized chocolate gifting concept in India Started in 2013 and Bellyjoy is delivering orders PAN India while they make chocolates in a kitchen located in Hyderabad, Telangana. At lovelychocos customers can customize chocolate at their online store based on gifting moment and taste. They Delivered over 1 lakh orders and about satisfied 50000 customers. Confectionery and gifting combined are over a billion-dollar market and are what Lovelychocos caters to. They strive to be the top franchise model in a home-based category while being the pioneers in it.

How home-based franchises work: 

  • Customer places the order and makes payment through lovelychocos website.
  • Franchise owners receive a notification when a new order is generated in their location.
  • The franchise owner will prepare the order and keep it ready for a logistic partner.
  • Logistic Partner will pick up lovelychocos chocolate box from franchise owner location and deliver it to customer. 
  • Lovelychocos order amount will be settled to the franchise owner on weekly basis.

For any gifting moment, lovelychocos will be a perfect custom gift with chocolate. People can choose premade designs based on gifting moments and customize them, based on taste adding an edible image and short messages. Lovelychocos is launching home-based franchises and will help you bring their franchise to storefronts all around the world. Don’t just gift chocolate, Express your feelings personalizing chocolate based on gifting moment and taste.


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