BendFlex: Designing Devices Using ”Compliant Mechanisms”


What is BendFlex?

BendFlex is a research and development company with a specialty in compliant mechanism design. Their research and development cover a wide range of topics, including device mechanical characterization and testing, medical devices, force sensors, and micro-scale mechanisms. Compliant mechanisms are a novel design paradigm that is monolithic, scalable, and may be adjusted for stiffness while also serving as force sensors.

Santosh Bhargav, Director

He holds the Directorial position at Bendflex. He has worked on multi-disciplinary projects and has experience designing and building compliance systems. His strength is his ability to cross-domain boundaries using his design talents. He thinks that issues exist for us to solve, regardless of what area they belong to or what form they take.

The BendFlex Compliant Mechanism Kit

The BendFlex Compliant Mechanism Innovator Toolkit is a patent-pending innovation that was created to assist students and hobbyists in learning about mechanisms. This design kit is for you if you enjoy exploring different designs and coming up with new ideas, as well as inventing new things, or if you want to get started inventing something fascinating. Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru conceived and developed this toolset. This innovation kit, a must-have companion for engineering students, has assisted innovators and several engineering students in developing innovative concepts that have earned them several prizes!

Their Perfusion Enabled Cell Chamber

Perfusion chambers are an important part of live-cell imaging because they must meet two requirements: they must keep the cells healthy and they must allow the living cells to be seen with the best resolution feasible. BendFlex has created its Perfusion Chamber trademarked as PECC Module.

Their PECC Module has the following characteristics:

1) It is equipped with a perfusion culture system that includes a small bioreactor and peristaltic pump.

2) It may be installed on any imaging equipment with magnification.

3) It may be utilized in any standard CO2 incubator.

4) Their bioreactor’s trade secret design eliminates dead zones.

5) It has a microenvironment that is regulated.

6) Its Miniature Peristaltic Pump may run for up to two weeks on a single charge.

7) It comes with a fixed or variable flow rate.

8) The media can be recirculated or dumped into a different reservoir.

9) All of the parts are reusable.

10) It can do concurrent studies with multiple cell kinds and chemical stimuli at the same time.

11) It can be used in ex-vivo cell culture.

This PECC Module has been used in the following experiments:

1) Rat Hepatocytes in Primary Culture

2) Microfabricated ring scaffolds with live imaging of NIH 3T3 fibroblasts

3) Perfusion-induced growth of MCF7 breast cancer cells

4) Live imaging of liver cancer cells (HuH7) under high magnification

5) The effect of flow rate on endometrial stem cell proliferation.

6) Lymphocytes cultivation

Their Projects

BendFlex has been involved in or is actively working in several initiatives involving device design and development, including:

1. A device in the testing phase to assess the mechanical characteristics of cardiovascular tissues.

2. An ultra-sensitive force sensor capable of measuring forces on the order of MicroNewtons.

3. A small-scale peristaltic pump

4. Worked with a multinational corporation to revamp an existing bio-medical gadget.

5. Consulting a Multi-National Company for creating micro-scale devices to estimate the mechanical characteristics of exfoliated cells.

6. Development of a compliant mechanism-based counterpart of their current device that offered numerous benefits over the existing device

Industry Research
Company size 2-10 employees
Type Privately Held
Founded 2015
Specialties Design and Compliant Mechanisms

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