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1.S B Senthil Kumar, Managing Partner - Bhairav Renderers - 10 Best Waste Management Companies in India 2022

What motivated you to establish Bhairav Renderers? Tell us about how you got the idea of utilizing slaughterhouse waste?

I was working with Bharat Petroleum Corporation, and was deputed as state project leader for the Swacch Bharath mission for one year to Odisha. This project motivated me to do an innovative waste management project. I realized that in waste-management lot of players were there for dry waste and organic waste, but none for slaughterhouse waste. So I started working towards utilizing slaughterhouse waste and recycling to produce products. 

At home, I was having a pet dog, for which doctors recommended dry pellet food that will be maintenance-free. This also directed me towards producing pet food from slaughterhouse waste. With the help of ABIS-TBI, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore & Tamil Nadu Veterinary & Animal Science University, Namakkal, Chennai, Udumalpet, and CIFT Cochin: I was able to conceive the complete project plan and implemented the same at Coimbatore City in association with Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC).

Tell us about your company’s Goal and Vision. 

Our Vision is to recycle Slaughterhouse waste into valuable byproducts which are: Pet Food, Bio Diesel and Glycerol, leading to Zero Waste. The goal here is to Recycle slaughterhouse waste in the most scientific way, use safe & secure processing, cause no pollution and produce premium pet food at an affordable price.

Tell us about challenges and how you managed to overcome them?

Our main challenge was to process the slaughterhouse waste in whatever condition it arrives. Since our main focus is to dispose of the slaughterhouse waste in useful products, we were facing a problem in conversion. Dry Rendering Technology has been the best scientific method, but there are limitations like the rendering machines are not useful when it comes to putrefied slaughterhouse waste. We did a lot of R&D and finally came up with our own design and did in-house fabrication of the rendering cooker and relevant types of machinery, which proved a success.

What procedure do you follow to manufacture pet food?

We have an SOP in place and segregate the incoming slaughterhouse waste as per their physical condition. Accordingly, we plan our batch processing, and process the slaughterhouse waste with stringent quality control measures. 

We segregate the offal and maintain high temperature and pressure for a short time in the batch processing so that all bacteria and viruses get killed and become inactive in our final product. We also do continuous lab testing and maintain the required protein and amino acid profiles.

For which animal do you manufacture pet food? Do you manufacture for any specific age group animal?

We manufacture pet food which includes pet dogs & pet cats of all age groups. Basically, our pet food is in powdered form and can be served to all fur animals.

What products do you manufacture other than pet food?

We are in the process of producing Bio-Diesel from Rendered Chicken Oil using patented technology as we have tied up with M/s Sharon Agrotech Pvt Ltd. Apart from Bio-Diesel, we are also producing glycerol soap which is an industrial soap that has excellent degreasing ability.

Are you selling your products in the overseas market? Or you are focusing on the domestic market?

At present, we are focusing on the domestic market as we need more production volume to sell in overseas markets. Once our production volume increases, we shall cover the overseas market too. Currently, we have received enquiries from Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. 

Tell us about your life journey and previous job or business experiences.

My father was a cycle mechanic & my mother was a government school teacher. From this background, I rose to get an opportunity to study at IIT Madras, where I completed my M.S (Entrepreneurship). Later, I joined BPCL, worked in various positions for 23 years, and finally resigned as Aviation Manager, Coimbatore & Salem Airport in 2019. The rich experience that I got from BPCL, has helped me in many ways, in my current entrepreneurship journey. My family, including my wife and two daughters, were the strong pillar of support, without which this project would not have come into life. I’m also thankful to Dr Ganeshmani, my partner, Mr Thirumal Sir, Swachh Bharat Nodal Officer, CCMC and our bankers SIDBI (Mrs I Suganthi-AGM and Mrs N Ranjani Manager).

How do you think Bhairav Renderers stand out in the competition?

Bhairav Renderers is different from others as we are first: saving the environment by completely eliminating landfill of slaughterhouse waste and second: producing three products, from this completely new slaughterhouse waste and save enormous foreign exchange of the government in terms of biodiesel (green energy) as well as align with government missions like Swacch Bharat mission, Make in India Mission, Atma Nirbhar Mission.

Our pet food Promivita is in powdered form, which can be easily mixed with other foods and served to pet animals. It has high crude protein content than any other commercially available dry dog food in the market. It also has essential amino acids and essential gross energy for pet animals to absorb. The price is highly affordable for customers who have pet animals but cannot afford to buy highly-priced pellet based dry pet food. 

The Government of India and State governments are providing subsidies and schemes to create a favourable environment for food processing companies. Is it benefitting your company in any manner?

We are thankful to both the Government of India and the Tamil Nadu state government for giving us a grant for the production of; pet food from slaughterhouse waste and segregated fish waste. We are incubating at; ABIS-TBI, TNAU, Coimbatore, and we have successfully obtained 23 lakhs from the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, New Delhi. For the production of pet food from slaughterhouse waste under RKVY – SAIP Cohorot ll scheme and Rs. 5 lakhs from Tamil Nadu State Government (EDII-IVP Voucher B), for the production of pet snacks from segregated fish waste.

We were also invited by the Startup India team, to be a part of their delegation team and visited Dubai Expo 2020 and participated in various pitching sessions. We sincerely thank Startup India and both the Central and State governments. Our journey would not be complete without thanking from our heart Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation and Commissioner, for allowing us to set up our first plant at their Compost Yard. 

What will you say about your team’s contribution?

Our team successfully signed an agreement with the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation for recycling the slaughterhouse waste generated within Coimbatore City for the next five years. We are currently recycling seven tons per day of slaughterhouse waste on an average, which increases to 17 tons during weekends and holidays. We are proud that all the machineries except the Boiler are designed and fabricated in house by our team member Mr. S Thiruvengadam.  We also sincerely thank Dr. N. Senthil Kumar, Entomologist IFGTB, Coimbatore, for his valuable guidance to our team.

Where do you see your company in the near future?

We are receiving continuous enquiries from various municipalities across India for setting up a slaughterhouse waste disposal unit. With the help of our bankers (SIDBI) and support from the state and central government, we see our future to set up more plants and achieve 100 MT of pet food and 50MT of biodiesel monthly in the next five years. We aim to make slaughterhouse waste into zero waste, thereby saving the environment.

Year of Founding2019
Founding MembersS B Senthil Kumar, S Bhuvaneshwari, G.Sumathy
Office LocationsCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Company Strength25 employees

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