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Born out of a passion to transform spaces of any scale, friendly to the user and the environment

BDAA Architects was founded in Noida, India in 2017. It was born from the desire to transform spaces of any scale, be easy to use and eco-friendly. Our goal is to find a balance in a space that responds to the user and their environment. In addition to residential, industrial, retail, and work projects, we also aim to create public spaces to complement the urban fabric of this space. We design according to you and your wishes., Contact us to find out what we can do for you.


An innovation division was formed under the leadership of Ar. Udit Bhardwaj and Ar. Saksham Gupta. Innovations in the use of techniques for shaping interior decorative objects using concrete as a basic material. Experimenting with different shapes and finishes is the key to achieving a design that complements the nature of concrete.

The experiment includes modules like: Trimix Basin, Cacti Holds, Toothbrush Holders, CEM Basin, Candle Holder, Cacti Sitz, Countoured Tray, Polar, Cubical Ceiling Light, Golden Base Rectangular Pots, Benzoine Coaster, Duo Stip Sitz, The G Lamp, The Bandwidth, The Globe Light, The Cemcandle.


BDAA architect has worked or is working on the projects of different categories that are:

  • Residential Building
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial space
  • Industrial Building
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Religious Building


Udit Bharadwaj, Principal Architect

Deepankur Sethi, Senior Architect

Tamanna Jodhani, Interior Designer

Dharmendra Kumar Yadav

Vineet Singh Rajpoot, Assistant Architect

Kanchi Jaiswal, Intern

Mandvi Agarwal, Intern

Tanya Agarwal, Intern


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