Billion Ables: Working for Disabled

Persons with disabilities are a key note which depicts impairments, restrictions on public participations. Impairment as a term is defined as ‘state of having a physical or mental condition which means that part of your body or brain doesn’t work properly’ whereas a restriction on public participations is basically a problem that’s experienced by a person in involvement in routine work. Such groups are considered to be marginalised as they are the people who anticipate more care, attention and care in comparison to non-disabled persons.

In India’s diversified population, people with one or more disabilities can be found among masses. The 2011 population census data reveals disabilities to be around 26.8 million, constituting 2.21% of India’s total population. People working for rights of disabled and other social workers are in opinion that these numerals provided in the census are in a very small percentage of the actual data. World Bank with disabilities in India suggests the number between 40 and 80 million. Inferences from the data secured from across the globe suggest the disabled persons in India are significant in comparison to other developed economies.

About Billion Ables

Billion Ables is India’s first crowd sourced inclusive online platform which is committed to introducing and empowering people with special needs to a more accessible world by providing information on accessible places, products and services exclusive for them.

Billion Ables came up with a mobile application which improves the accessibility for the differently challenged individuals. The mobile app has been made with the objective of introducing and empowering people with special needs to a more accessible world by providing information on accessible places and services exclusive for them in a simple, easy and effective manner.


“To connect one billion differently-abled people on the planet through our customized services like relationship app, assistive devices, accessible places and a community for sharing their challenges, emotions and success stories”.


The ‘One’ mission

One People – A company, which is by, of and for specially-abled humans.

One Team – This is a platform formed with the combined effort from the company and users to give differently-abled mainstream visibility.

One-Stop Solution – All-inclusive services & products for the differently-abled.

One Planet – To harmoniously co-exist with people from all walks of life.


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