Black Pepper Technologies

11. Jei Narayanan, COO- Black Pepper Technologies- Top 10 Karnataka Startups 2021

Team of charged people to think & innovate the technology beyond the boundaries

Black Pepper Technologies is a full-fledged silicon and system player providing differentiated product engineering capabilities for global semiconductor & system companies. Black Pepper offers comprehensive turnkey solutions across Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Industrial Automation, Defence, Wireless, and the Internet of Things. The company‚Äôs distinct functional units include Logic Design & Verification, Design for Test, Physical Design, Board Design, Analog & Mixed-Signal Design, Post Silicon Validation, Yield Optimisation, Supply Chain Management, Industrial Design, and Embedded Software. Black Pepper’s AI, ML, DL driven solutions cater to applications like ADAS, Predictive Machine Monitoring, Autonomous Platforms, etc. Black Pepper is actively transforming itself into a company that is squarely at the heart of the product end-user experience. With several hundred person-years of collective experience, black pepper can partner with you in your product-realization journey. Give them a barely-there idea – captured perhaps on nothing more than a white-board – and they can transform it into a form-factor-ready product, fully manufacturable and ready to be drop-shipped in high volumes. Or if you prefer, you could choose to engage them in specific phases of the design flow – be it in silicon or software.

Black pepper is today a trusted design partner for a dozen Tier-1 semiconductor companies. They continue to aggressively expand our global footprint, leveraging their two core assets – LTE and EYWA. LTE or Lean Tall Engineering is a focused return to the first principal engineering tenets of yesteryears where a single engineer was massively multi-skilled rather than skills and capabilities being sliced and diced across a slew of less experienced engineers. EYWA is their home-grown, unique technology framework that allows optimization of humans and computes resources enabling complex designs to predictably converge to closure.

Their services:

  • Physical design
  • DFT (Design for Test)
  • Analog & Mixed-Signal
  • Verification
  • Board design
  • Embedded system
  • Post Silicon validation
  • Industrial Design
  • Supply Chain Management

Their dreams are big, and they like to walk the path less trodden. They question the status quo, embrace change, thrive on creating opportunities, and operate well outside the confines of the proverbial box.

To them, titles and designations are irrelevant extensions. They are keen on creating and nurturing a culture of professional and personal excellence that goes far beyond the regular call of duty. They are ever ready to lend a helping hand, whether it is for a social cause or for a colleague who is tackling a challenge at work They believe in the power of the collective – as reflected in their unique Employee Ownership Model, a first in the semiconductor services industry. Pepperites believe that freedom comes naturally to them when nothing is taken personally.


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